Celadon City

Celadon City is a large metropolis located in central Kanto. This city can be found between route 7 in the east and Pokemon Road to the west. The Pokemon Center is located at the far northeast side of town, where you’ll first enter Celadon.

Pokemon Center

The woman to the left of the Pokemon Center counter is Madam Celadon, a unique character with a useful service. For P10,000, she can set the nature of all wild Pokemon until midnight. She will ask you to choose one flower to water and one to thin out. The colors represent the six base stats they will increase and decrease.

Red Yellow Blue Green Pink
Attack Defense Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Speed

The character on the couch at the left side of the Pokemon Center will trade their Alolan Pokemon for your Kantonian Pokemon, but the Pokemon they trade will depend entirely on the game you’re playing. In Let’s Go Pikachu, the character trades an Alolan Sandshrew for your Kantonian Sandshrew. Alolan Sandshrew are Ice/Steel-type Pokemon, while the original Sandshrew is purely Ground-type.

In Let’s Go Eevee, the character trades an Alolan Vulpix for your Kantonian Vulpix. Alolan Vulpix are Ice-type Pokemon, while the original Vulpix is purely Fire-type. Furthermore, Alolan Ninetales are Ice/Fairy-type. Both Alolan Sandshrew and Vulpix evolve after an Ice Stone is used.

The Tamer at the back corner of the Pokemon Center will teach your Partner Pokemon a new marvelous Move completely for free!

Pokemon Move Element Category Power Accuracy Effect
Pikachu Floaty Fall Flying Physical 90 100 May cause the target to flinch.
Eevee Baddy Bad Dark Special 90 100 Reduces damage taken by physical attacks.
Eevee Glitzy Glow Psychic Special 90 100 Reduces damage taken by special attacks.

Exit out of the Pokemon Center and walk westward. The next few buildings are the Celadon Condominiums, but only one door can be entered.

Celadon Condominiums

The Pewter City Gym Leader Brock will be standing in front of the entrance to the Celadon Condominiums. After a short conversation, he’ll give you a some Pewter Crunchies and a cup of Tea. With this item, you can finally access Saffron City in the east!

The third floor of the Celadon Condominiums is the Game Freak Development Office. Game Freak is the same company that makes the main Pokemon RPGs. Speak with the developer in blue here after capturing all 150 Pokemon to get a special certificate!

3 Health Candies are on the rooftop of the condominiums. You might also notice there is a second door on the west side of the roof.

If you enter the building from the back, you can grab TM44 Play Rough from the small room on the west side of the rooftop. Play Rough is a physical fairy-type attack.

While you’re at the far north-side of Celadon behind the building, you can pick up two other items: a Rare Candy can be found to the northwest and a Nugget can be found to the northeast.

Celadon Department Store

The large building on the northwest side of town is the Celadon Department Store. This large shopping mall is often the main attraction to Celadon City.

The first floor is the service counter. The second floor is the Trainers Market where you’ll find many items for Pokemon battles. There are two clerks you can buy items from. The bottom clerk sells the normal Poke Mart items that change as you earn more badges. The top clerk sells Technical Machines.

Poke Mart
Item Price
Poke Ball 100
Great Ball 300
Potion 200
Super Potion 700
Antidote 200
Burn Heal 300
Ice Heal 100
Awakening 100
Paralyze Heal 300
Escape Rope 300
Full Heal 400
Revive 2000
Repel 400
Super Repel 700
Lure 400
X Attack 550
X Defense 500
X Sp. Atk 350
X Sp. Def 350
X Speed 350
X Accuracy 950
Dire Hit 650
Guard Spec. 700
Additions After 4th Gym
Ultra Ball 500
Hyper Potion 1500
Super Lure 700
TM Shop
Item Price
Dragon Tail 20,000
U-turn 20,000
Iron Tail 50,000
Waterfall 30,000
Tri Attack 30,000
Bulk Up 10,000
Shadow Ball 30,000
Hyper Beam 100,000

The third floor is the video game shop. Speak with the clerk to receive TM03 Helping Hand. This move has no use unless you’re playing double or triple battles and your Pokemon has an ally.

The fourth floor is Wiseman Gifts. This clerk sells evolutionary stones that evolve certain species of Pokemon. Pikachu and Eevee are usually Pokemon that evolve using evolutionary stones, but the Partner Pokemon you get at the beginning of these games cannot evolve.

Wiseman Gifts
Item Price
Fire Stone 5,000
Thunder Stone 5,000
Water Stone 5,000
Leaf Stone 5,000
Ice Stone 5,000

The fifth floor is the Accessory Market. Speak with the different shops to purchase different items. The top-left shop sells hats, the bottom-left shop sells a single Diglett hat, the bottom-right shop sells glasses, and the top-right shop sells bows.

Accessory Market Top-Left
Item Price
Straw Hat 10,000
Sweet Hat 20,000
Elegant Hat 20,000
Crown 999,999
Accessory Market Bottom-Left
Item Price
Diglett Cap 50
Accessory Market Bottom-Right
Item Price
Black Framed Glasses 8,000
Red Framed Glasses 8,000
Green Framed Glasses 8,000
Brown Framed Glasses 12,000
Thick Glasses 5,000
Blue Sky Sunglasses 10,000
Dawn Sunglasses 10,000
Dusk Sunglasses 10,000
Midnight Sunglasses 10,000
Accessory Market Top-Right
Item Price
Little Red Bow 1,000
Little Green Bow 1,000
Little Blue Bow 1,000
Little Black Bow 1,000
Little Plaid Bow 1,000
Little Formal Bow 1,000
Little Polka-Dot Bow 1,000
Little Bow 1,000
Fancy Red Bow 2,000
Fancy Green Bow 2,000
Fancy Blue Bow 2,000
Fancy Black Bow 2,000
Fancy Plaid Bow 2,000
Fancy Polka-Dot Bow 2,000
Fancy Cute Bow 2,000
Fancy Frilly Bow 2,000
Sailor Bandanna 3,000
Safari Bandanna 3,000
Polka-Dot Bandanna 3,000
Ruby Bandanna 3,000
Sapphire Bandanna 3,000
Emerald Bandanna 3,000
Black Bandanna 3,000
White Bandanna 3,000
Red Flowers 5,000
Pink Flowers 5,000
Blue Flowers 5,000
White Flowers 5,000
Orange Flowers 5,000
Purple Flowers 5,000
Pale Blue Flowers 5,000
Green Flowers 5,000

The top floor is the Relaxation Space and Vending Machines. Use the Vending Machines to purchase at least one of each drink. You can purchase more to heal your Pokemon in battle as an alternative to Potions. Your partner Pokemon might even ask for one right now, which will increase their happiness.

Vending Machines
Item Price
Fresh Water 200
Soda Pop 300
Lemonade 350

The girl on the left will give you three technical machines for the three vending machine drinks. The technical machines she gives are TM06 Light Screen, TM09 Reflect, and TM07 Protect in exchange for a Fresh Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade respectively.

Rocket Game Corner

The building south of the Pokemon Center and Celadon Condominiums is the Rocket Game Corner. Unfortunately, you can’t play any slot machines or gamble in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, but you can still find hidden items on the floor!

Go inside to find Jesse and James of Team Rocket playing some games. They’ll give you a hint to interact with a certain poster in this room. Speak with the Rocket Grunt to the right of the counter to start a Pokemon battle.

Team Rocket Grunt

Raticate ♀ Lv.29 Type Normal
Bite Super Fang
Dark Physical Normal Physical
Crunch Hyper Fang
Dark Physical Normal Physical

Defeat the Rocket to receive P812. Behind the Grunt is a poster of a rocket. Investigate this poster to find a secret switch, which will open up a secret passage to Team Rocket’s hideout on the left side of the Game Corner’s counter. This is one of the next main objectives in your adventure. Another primary objective is to earn your fourth badge at the Celadon City Gym.

Celadon City Gym

The Celadon City Gym is located at the far south side of town. Use your Partner Pokemon’s secret technique chop down to find it. A full walkthrough of the secret garden gym can be found on the next page.