Pocket Monster: The Origin

It looks like they took my advice. An anime based off the Pokemon Red and Green games will be coming soon!

One of my more popular blog posts was about a Pokemon Anime Reboot. Everyone is getting tired of Ash making stupid choices and the show being geared towards kids. Well, the Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel just released a teaser trailer for something called “Pocket Monster: The Origin.” I’m incredibly stoked, and hope it doesn’t disappoint.

The description says it’ll be about the Pokemon Trainer Red’s, and his Rival Green’s, journey through Kanto. Red chooses Charmander from Professor Oak, faces a bunch of Gym Leaders, takes down Team Rocket, and more. It will air in Japan On October 2nd, 2013 to celebrate the release of Pokemon X and Y. I’m not entirely sure how long it’ll be. You can see the trailer below.

Is anyone else as excited for this as I am?!