Persona 4 Yukiko Amagi Figure Unboxing

If you’re thinking about buying this Yukiko Amagi Figure from Persona 4 The Animation, you may want to check out this quick unboxing and review first.

This Yukiko Amagi figure is based off the Persona 4 The Animation version, which isn’t much different from the video game version. It was made in China by the Megahouse company, and is a High Priestess figure.

If you’d like to display the figure in the box, the box comes with a large window on the front, a thin window on the right side (left if looking directly at the box), and a small window on the top to let some light in.

This figure stands at 20 cm tall without the base, and the base adds another 1 cm to the height. The base is circular, yellow, and transparent with the Persona mask on it. Yukiko connects to the base with two pegs on the base and two holes on one foot.

Most of the figure is made out of PVC, but some pieces are made out of ABS. Her hair and neckerchief are a lot softer and have little resistance, but her skirt and accessories are very stiff. The accessories include a variety of glasses, some glasses need to be bent yourself before placing on Yukiko, a fan, and a separate hand to hold the fan.

In addition to the accessories, Yukiko has swappable faces. She has a face with a serious look, and a face with her usual laughing expression. The faces can be switched by removing Yukiko’s bangs, pulling out the current face, and connecting the pegs of the new face to the holes in her head.

The interchangeable hand connects at the wrist as securely as the faces, and the fan that goes in the hand fits semi-securely. However, the glasses don’t connect to anything. You must fit the glasses on her face somehow and hope they don’t fall off. The wire-frame glasses that you must bend yourself are tougher to deal with because they’re incredibly flexible and can slingshot out of your hands or off the figure’s face while you’re bending them.

As for the overall quality of the figure, it’s a decent figure for the current price, which is around $40. The interchangeable parts are nice, and the painting and patterns on most of the figure are great. The only downside is the faces seem to be a slightly different color from her neck, and there’s a small gap in her bangs hairline where you can see her skin color instead of the hair color.

If you’re a huge Persona 4 fan and don’t have a lot of money, I’d say go ahead and buy this figure! You can buy it off of Amazon using the link below. Use my link and I’ll get a small kickback that won’t cost you anything extra. The money will help keep my website running.