Persona 3 The Movie 2 Limited Edition Blu Ray

Are you interested in buying Persona 3 the Movie 2 Limited Edition? Here’s what you get.

The Limited Edition set for Persona 3 The Movie #2 Midsummer Knight’s Dream comes with a few collectible goodies. If you want a review of the movie itself, see my Persona 3 The Movie 2 Review. The Blu Ray that comes with this set has 1920 x 1080 video, Japanese DTS Digital Surround 2.0, Japanese DTS Japanese HD Master Audio 5.1, and English subtitles.

This set includes the movie on Blu Ray (or DVD) and a 19 track audio CD. They are set in a plastic case with the movie’s artwork on one side. Most of the songs are just background tracks, but one is the main theme to this movie. They are:

  1. Fate is In Our Hands
  2. Temporary Vacation
  3. Confessions
  4. Past of ambition
  5. One single word
  6. Grudge
  7. Comes to a showdown
  8. Mode Orgia
  9. Castor
  10. Warm heart
  11. How come
  12. ワイルドに営業中♪
  13. Cruelty
  14. Heart wavers
  15. Core dark
  16. And destiny
  17. Such a fool
  18. Trigger
  19. One Hand, One Heartbeat

The set also includes a small 44 page booklet inside of the cardboard case. The booklet has character artwork, setting artwork, rough sketches, soundtrack info, free talk with cast and crew (only in Japanese), a teaser for the next movie, and more.

The large, blue card that comes with the set holds ten random stickers in a small package. These stickers have the same artwork found at the back of the previously mentioned booklet.

Lastly, the set comes with three promotional “cards” that are as big as the booklet and box. These have different images of characters with the Persona Movie logo on them.

The thing I hate the most about this set, and many other blu ray sets, is how the movie information that is usually on the back of the box is on a separate paper. This paper is not attached in any way what so ever to the box set.

And that’s everything that comes with the Persona 3 The Movie 2 Midsummer Knight’s Dream Limited Edition Blu Ray set. It is an okay set for the price. Many anime blu rays are the same price or more and include nothing but a few episodes of the show. If you want to see more, click the video at the top of the page.