Persona 3 Evoker Review

I purchased this Persona 3 Evoker replica a short time ago. Here’s my full review of this water pistol.

This water gun (water pistol, squirt gun, whatever you wish to call it) was created around the time Persona 3 The Movie #1 Spring of Birth released. It’s modeled after the same gun / evoker used in the Persona 3 universe to summon Personas.

The box is silver and sort of looks like a brief case, just like how the evoker was first introduced in the movie and video game. The text on the box is in Japanese, but it specifically says it was made in China. The company that made this evoker is called Happy Kuji.

persona_3_evoker_review1 persona_3_evoker_review2

Of course, this toy is made completely out of plastic, but there’s no colored tip at the end, which might make it illegal in some countries. There’s the S.E.E.S. logo on the left side of the gun, but the right side is completely blank. If you wish to show off the S.E.E.S. logo with the gun to your head (like in Persona 3) you’ll need to hold the gun with your left hand. Surprisingly, this gun has a very nice weight to it. I expected it to be a lot lighter, but it’s still a tiny bit heavy without any water inside.

persona_3_evoker_review3 persona_3_evoker_review4

To fill this gun up with water, you must pull out the plug from the back of the gun. The water then must fill the handle for the gun to suck up the water and shoot it out. The blue part on the handle is see through, so you will be able to see the water level at all times.

persona_3_evoker_review5 persona_3_evoker_review6

The power of the water gun is really great. It doesn’t hurt if you shoot someone, but the pressure is great within a very thin stream. The range of the water is about 18-19 feet.

Unfortunately, you can only get this item from third party sellers online these days. Many people are asking about $80, so this is really for hardcore Persona 3 fans or cosplayers.