Otaku Interviews and Collaborations

I did my very first interview on YouTube recently, and I want to do many more interviews and collaborations with Otaku and Cosplayers!

Recently a fellow Otaku YouTuber messaged me asking if I wanted to do some sort of collaboration. I’ve been thinking of doing interviews or at least vlogging videos with other Cosplayers. I felt this was a great jumping off point. You can see the video below.

I also did an interview video for his channel. I’m happy to do this with other Otaku YouTubers, but I would really like to get some cosplayers on to talk more about cosplay since I’m pretty new to it. Of course, I would need people who aren’t camera shy and can talk for days if they need to. It’s great if you have your own YouTube channel, but not necessary.

If you’re interested, send me an email using this contact form. If you want to do other sort of collaborations other than a straight up vlog or interview, then feel free to let me know.