Official AEW World Championship Replica Review

The official All Elite Wrestling World Championship replica is finally being shipped out. Take a closer look at this beast of a belt.

In June of 2021, the official shop of All Elite Wrestling ( began taking pre-orders for their very first championship belt replica. The price tag was a hefty $699.99! Fast-forward to the end of January 2022 and the belts have begun arriving at people’s homes.

My first thought was, “How am I going to get this out of the bag?!” It is big and it is stacked, but the zippers on the belt bag do not go end to end.

The belt is 49 inches long and 12 inches tall when measured at the center. The AEW logo is stamped five times on each side of the belt between the 8×2 snaps, and there is seashell tooling around all five plates. The entire belt is very stiff, which allows owners to display the belt upright without worrying about it falling over.

Those who would want to carry the belt around might want to get it releathered to make it more malleable and TV realistic. Speaking of TV realistic, it has been said that the AEW replica has been used on TV for months, as the original belt is way too heavy and has cut wrestlers in the past.

The back of the belt has the official stamp which reads AEW All Elite Wrestling Officially Licensed Replica.

The stones throughout the replica belt sparkle wonderfully in sunlight and under LED lights, and are of much higher quality than any other replica I’ve come across.

The plates themselves are roughly 4mm thick at the base, but some parts are stacked up to four levels high. There is a slight curve on the main plate, while the side plates are mainly flat. The distressed AEW logo is set at the center of each of the five plates.

The words “World” and “Champion” have a sort-of leaf etching within them. I believe this is similar to the leaf engraving on the sides of the word “World.” The nameplate is about 67x10mm with two front-mounted screws.

The main plate is roughly 11 inches tall at the center, leaving about half an inch of belt on the top and bottom. A total of 124 stones are placed around the edges of the center plate, 15 stones of the same size outline the top triangle, another 15 stones outline the bottom triangle, 105 small stones are within each of the triangles above and below the AEW logo (210 total), and 23 larger stones are placed throughout the main plate. Those 23 stones appear to be the largest of all the stones on the belt.

There are four globes on the main plate which are enlarged on the two first side plates. They show four areas of the globe with all continents except Antarctica.

The first side plates are outlined with 90 stones each, for a total of 180 stones on both of the first side plates.

The second side plates are outlined with 60 stones each, for a total of 120 stones on both of the second side plates.

The AEW World Championship is a big, beautiful and highly accurate replica. It is unknown at this time if more replica belts will be made or available for preorder anytime soon, but it would be great if AEW also made officially licensed Tag Team, TNT, TBS, and Women’s Championships in the future. I’d also like an FTW Championship, but that is not licensed by AEW.