New WordPress Theme

Welcome everyone! Come see my new WordPress Theme!

This is the first theme in two years that I’ve actually paid for. Some may say I’m cheap, but whatevs! The theme wasn’t too expensive, and it came with a ton of goodies. It took me a few hours to make the transition from my old theme to this new one, but it was worth it. Still, the stuff on this blog is just transitioned over. Wait until I actually create new stuff with all these new features. Go ahead and browse around. And don’t forget to check out my guides on IGN, follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to me on YouTube.

Quick Note: You may notice a bunch of older reviews in the recent section on the front page. I had to transfer all my older reviews to the new game review section to use all the features. I guess I’ll have to add a bunch of new content to balance out the real recent stuff.