My Steam Summer Sale Haul

Check out all the games I copped during the sale. What did you get?

After 11 harsh days, the Steam Summer Sale has come to an end. I really didn’t think I was going to buy very many games, mainly because I already have so many in my back log. I didn’t really buy a lot of games, but I definitely bought more than I expected. So, my final haul and the reasons why I bought them are below.

  • The Far Cry Franchise Pack: I was originally going to buy Far Cry 3 and its DLC alone, but I wanted to check out the first as well. The second was decent, though repetitive, but I’ve never played the original Far Cry. I did play the Xbox 360 version of Far Cry, which was Instinct Predator. That game was……..not very good.
  • The Last Remnant: I originally tried playing this years back on the Xbox 360, but it was only a rental and I didn’t have the time to finish it. I saw it on sale for about 2 bucks, so I said what the hell!
  • System Shock 2: I’ve heard a ton of great things about this game, but I’ve never played it. It was on sale for just over a dollar, so like the last remnant I decided to buy it.
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: I’m a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series. I’ve played the hell out of Oblivion and Skyrim (more on Xbox 360 than PC, but I’m trying to replay on PC with DLC and mod), but I was never able to get into Morrowind. I tried a little bit of the game on the Xbox 360 via backwards compatibility with the Xbox version, but it was way too hard. I heard the PC version can make things a lot easier, especially with a difficulty slider! And of course, the mods!
  • Batman Arkham City: I played Batman Arkham Asylum some time ago and thought it was a spectacular Batman game. I heard great things about the sequel and even saw them with that crazy Game of the Year packaging. The GOTY version was available for 5 bucks, so I jumped on it.
  • Bioshock Infinite Season Pass: I got this baby on sale for about half off. It includes the Burial At Sea episodes with that lame horde mode type thing. I tried the horde mode, but couldn’t get into it. I barely touched Burial at Sea before I had to take off. Looking forward to playing through the two episodes soon.

I sort of wanted to buy some completely new games that I heard were good but haven’t played like Dishonored, Thief, The Witcher, and Typing of the Dead; but again, I already have many games I need to play. I really wished South Park and the Stick of Truth went on a bigger sale. It only went down to $40. Maybe I’ll get it during the Winter sale. I also wanted to try out Child of Light, but that was only discounted like 3 bucks from the original price. I’m also keeping an eye on Resident Evil 6. I know, many people say RE6 i’s stupid, but they said the same about Resident Evil 5, and I thought it was a decent game. I’ve played all of the Resident Evils in the main series thus far. $20 is too expensive for RE6 on sale. The console versions dropped down to $20 after two months of the release date if I recall correctly! Why is steam being stingy with this one?!


Anyways, that’s all the games I got during this sale. I’d like to continue streaming the horror games I promised throughout the summer, but I’ve been tied up. Keep an eye on my Twitch status on this blog, or just follow my Twitch channel or Twitter account to see if I’m playing. What did you guys buy during the Steam Summer Sale, if anything?