My Red Dyed Hair

For the longest time I’ve had dark brown hair. Some say it’s black, but if you look at it in the sun, you’ll see it’s brown. There are a few copper hairs in there, but nothing too special. I have dyed my hair black in the past, and even added blonde tips when it was fashionable. For the longest time I’ve wanted to add red streaks into my hair. I’ve even thought about dying the whole thing red, but I wanted streaks more than the whole thing. My family always told me my hair was too dark to dye. Recently I bleached certain areas of my hair. My family liked it like that, but I wanted red in there! I used this red dye that washes out pretty quickly to turn the blonde red. It looked pretty cool to me.

The hair dye wasn’t permanent, though. It washed out in less than a week. I wanted those red streaks back, so I told my family to get me some permanent red hair dye. My family is mostly girls, so they constantly dye their hair or do crazy things like this. They know where to go and what to get. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a darker red that I wanted. I told them to buy regular red, instead. I put the dye all over my hair, thinking it’d only dye the bleached spots. It turns out permanent dye will turn all of your hair that color, even if your hair is dark! My entire head was red! On top of that, the “permanent” hair dye continues to wash out. I know that’s a good things since I didn’t want it all red, but how lame is this stuff? The dye can’t even fail correctly? That’s why they stopped calling bullet proof stuff “bullet proof.” Now it’s just “bullet resistant.”

Now I have a ton of red hair. Some people say it looks cool, “like an anime character.” I’m not that upset over it, but I would have preferred red streaks. It seems to be washing out little by little each day. If you wondered why I dyed my hair red, now you know.