My New Storage Tower – Prepac Black Quad Width Wall Storage

I recently purchased the Prepac Black Quad Width Wall Storage to hold all my junk. I figured I’d give a quick review.

This wall storage, media storage, bookshelf, whatever you want to call it is just okay. It’s really big, but the quality is average, similar to what you would find at Wal-Mart or Target.

It’s made out of composite wood, not real wood. There are nine main pieces: three tops, one bottom, and five vertical pieces. They are all attached to each other using various screws. The back is four pieces of cardboard that are attached by nails. Since two pieces share three of the same columns, it can be tough to nail both sides to the same column. The columns are only about 1.6 cm thick.


After you attach all of the previous stuff, you insert four metal dowels into the holes on the sides of the columns. This is what the shelves rest on, and they can be adjusted as much as you like. These shelves are about 1.1 cm thick, and they leave about a 1.6 cm gap at the back. The depth from the back cardboard to the front of the shelf is 14.5 cm.


The tower can be attached to a wall using some cheap plastic pieces, two screws, and a zip tie. You screw in one piece of plastic into the tower and one piece of plastic into the wall. You then tie the two pieces of plastic together using a zip tie. Doesn’t seem very secure, but it’s better than nothing.


It looks really nice, but why is it not worth the price? I bought a five foot media tower from walmart that is basically exactly the same quality as this shelf, but it cost $25. This quad wall storage tower is basically four of those media towers side by side, and a fifth tower to make up the extra height at the top. This would be $125 total if you bought five media storage towers. However, this quad wall storage is $265, over twice the price. The price is insane for the quality! Still, I’m sort of happy that I finally have all my DVDs, Blu Ray discs, and collectibles organized. If you want to buy it for yourself, grab it using the link below. I’ll get a small cut that won’t cost you anything extra. It will be used to keep my website running.