My 26th Birthday

My birthday passed recently. It wasn’t anything special.

As most people around my age know, as you get older, people make less of a big thing out of your birthday, and it becomes another day of the year. I did have a number of family members wishing me a Happy Birthday, but since I live so far away from most, I didn’t have much of a party. I just hung out with my immediate family and had some cake and junk. My Birthday was one week ago on August 26th. I turned 26 on the 26th! Well, there’s not much to say about my birthday. I got three gifts from two of my three sisters and my parents. They were all games because I only asked for games and a few movies:

  1. Hatsune Miku Project Diva F (PS Vita)
  2. Gravity Rush
  3. Halo 4

I’ve only had time to play Hatsune Miku since it’s a simple rhythm game. I’m still a bit busy with my work on IGN, but I hope to play the other two when I have the free time. I took the day off for my birthday, but the next day I had to work on the final Call of Duty Black Ops II DLC. I hope everyone enjoys my work. Splinter Cell Blacklist is what I’m still currently working on.