Mikasa Ackerman Figure Review by Sega

Are you interested in this Mikasa Ackerman figure by Sega? Here’s a thorough review.

While at the SacAnime convention in Sacramento I purchased this Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman figure by Sega. When I came home I found that Amazon has the same figure for about the same price. I figured I’d review it for those who are interested in buying it.

First is the box. There are no windows anywhere on the box, so if you want to display the figure you will have to take it out. The back has all the information in Japanese, and the side has small picture instructions for putting the figure together.

The foot of the figure connects to a brick wall on the stand, and the two hands connect to the two wrists. Those are the only parts that connect and disconnect. The hands holding the swords will always be connected to the figure by a thin plastic wire.

Speaking of the hands, the fingers that are placed within the triggers look like single fingers, but the plastic actually fills the entire trigger holes. It’s not very precise, but you can’t expect much from a figure with this price.

The figure stands at a little over 17.5cm high and around 9.5cm wide. These are the longest parts of the figure since it’s in a jumping position. The detail is okay, but it is far from the best figure you can buy. The painting is off on some parts, most notably the belts around her legs, and the 3D maneuver gear and blade holders seem to have scratches or paint flakes that don’t look as if they are supposed to be there. The swords are very bendy, but the rest of the figure is solid PVC. The figure is less than $30, so you do get what you pay for.

If you’d like to buy this figure, you can grab one off Amazon from the link below. Use my links and I’ll get a small cut from the purchase. It won’t cost you anything extra, but it will help keep my site running!