Limited Edition BABYMETAL Live Legend IDZ Apocalypse Unboxing

Only 1500 of the BABYMETAL Live Legend IDZ limited edition sets were made. Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

I recently went on a quest to get some of the rarest and most awesome Limited Edition BABYMETAL merchandise. First up is the three-disc DVD Limited Edition BABYMETAL Live Legend IDZ Apocalypse set. I already own the Blu Ray, and it seems as if this set only came with the DVD version. The cover of the DVD has different artwork when compared to the Blu Ray, and the three concerts are separated onto three DVDs.

The DVD box is fitted inside a large box that looks more like the Blu Ray artwork, but there is incredible artwork on the back of the limited edition box that can’t be found anywhere else.

Also inside this box set is a large cardboard insert with the set list of all three shows. The DVD fits nicely inside a cardboard seat, and is propped up in the middle of the box.

The main collectible item in this set is a small cloak. It’s only large enough to cover the head and the back of an average person. It’s made of 64% Polyester, 32% Rayon, and 4% Polyurethane.

This set is only for the hardcore BABYMETAL fans. Not only because of the high price and rarity, but because the cloak that comes included was never used or worn by BABYMETAL outside of the promos for this product. It seems a bit of an oddity.

That’s all for this product review. You can see a thorough visual breakdown in the video at the top of this page. If you’re interested in a review of all three concerts, see my BABYMETAL Live Legend IDZ Apocalypse Review.