Limited Edition BABYMETAL Live Legend 1999 1997 Apocalypse Unboxing

The super rare Limited Edition BABYMETAL Live Legend 1999 1997! Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

I recently went on a quest to get some of the rarest and most awesome Limited Edition BABYMETAL merchandise. This was second on the list, the Limited Edition BABYMETAL Live Legend 1999 1997  Apocalypse set.

This set comes with the Blu Ray of the Legend 1999 and 1997 concerts, which were birthday celebrations for the three girls. Unlike the first limited edition set, the art work on the large box is exactly the same as the art work on the Blu Ray box. Also, the Blu Ray wasn’t secured inside the box in any way like the limited edition IDZ DVD box was.

This set includes two sets of collectibles. The first are two T-shirts that were exclusive to the 1999 and 1997 live concerts. Because of these items, the size of the shirts were listed on the front of the limited edition sets.

The other collectibles that came with this set are three small paper cutouts. They are pictures of all three girls receiving gifts. Birthday wishes are printed on these cutouts from the other two members of BABYMETAL. For example, Su-Metal’s cutout has Happy Birthday wishes from Yuimetal and Moametal. A hole is popped out in each of the cutouts for people to place their picture in. That way it looks as if you are giving presents to each of the three girls.

That’s all for this product review. You can see a thorough visual breakdown in the video at the top of this page. If you’re interested in a review of all three concerts, see my BABYMETAL Live Legend 1999 1997 Apocalypse Review.