Kill La Kill: Ryuko Matoi Figure – Sega

A close look at the Kill La Kill Ryuko Matoi figure from Sega.

I bought this figure while at the SacAnime Winter 2016 convention, and I got it for a good price! This seems to be one of a two piece “Premium Action Figure” set, but I only wanted this one. The other piece is the Satsuki Kiryuin figure. Below is a quick breakdown of the figure. If you want to see more, click the video at the top of this post.

If you’d like to keep this figure in the box, there is one large window at the front that displays the figure very well. However, there are no other windows for light. The back of the box has instructions on how to secure the scissor blade to a small stand, and how to attach the Satsuki figure to its base.

kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega1 kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega2

The Ryuko Matoi figure is one solid PVC figure measuring 4.5″L x 2″W x 7.5″H. There are no removable parts like clothes, hair, and face. Her clothes and hair are solid plastic with absolutely no bend-ability. It is painted very well with zero mistakes.

kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega10 kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega11

kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega12 kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega13

kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega4 kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega5

This premium figure attaches to a black base by three circular pegs on her two feet. The base also has Ryuko Matoi’s name on the top in red. As you can see from the images below, you can see her striped panties (Shimapan) up Ryuko’s skirt, like many anime figures, but you cannot see up her shirt.

kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega3 kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega7

The figure also comes with a scissor blade that is very thin plastic. This blade can bend quite a bit, unlike the rest of the figure. Attach the bottom of the blade to a small, black plastic piece with a little black peg on the piece and circle in the blade. The blade and black piece do not attach together securely, so be careful where you place this. A small rumble or movement may cause the blade to detach and fall. The black piece that keeps the blade upright does not attach to the base, so you can place it anywhere you like.

kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega8 kill-la-kill-ryuko-matoi-figure-sega9

All together, this is a nice figure in the mid-range area. It’s not incredibly cheap, but it isn’t exactly high quality. I would say it’s just right for the price. You can buy one for yourself at the Amazon link below. You can even by the Satsuki figure to own both pieces of this two part set. Use my link and I will get a small percentage from the final price. It won’t cost you anything extra; it will just help keep my website running!