HuniePop Guide

Learn the ins and outs of the popular dating sim puzzle game with this HuniePop guide.

This was originally a set of notes I made when playing HuniePop. I decided to turn it into a full fledged strategy guide for those having trouble finding information. If you’re new to the series, HuniePop is a dating simulator that allows one player to date up to 12 different anime-inspired girls. Each date is made up of a matching puzzle with a set score called affection goal.

Days and Dates

Since the latest version of HuniePop released, there is no time limit to the game. Players can date girls indefinitely; however, there are still achievements that are time-constrained.

Each day in HuniePop is made up of four different times: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. The time will shift from one to the other when you decide to meet up with a girl using the Girl Finder app in the HunieBee. If you sleep with a girl, she will automatically be the first girl you see the next morning. One girl can be talked with and dated (puzzle game) in each of these time frames.

Although you can meet and talk with the same girl multiple times per day, it is only possible to play the puzzle game once per girl per day. A girl must have at least one bar in the nutrition meter to go on a date, as well.

Reach the puzzle’s score goal to successfully complete the date and add a heart to the girl’s information. After a date is completed, the score goal will increase for the next puzzle. The final score goal is 5000 points before entering Alpha Mode.

Spending the night with a girl

To have sex with a girl in HuniePop, you must successfully complete a date / puzzle at night, and the girl must have four heart before the date begins. You will then take the girl back to your place where you will play a rapid-fire puzzle game. There is no time limit in the rapid-fire puzzle game, but an affection goal must be reached before the meter drains and you have to start over.

If you are having trouble during the rapid-fire puzzle game during the sex scenes in HuniePop, right click to bring up the HunieBee menu. It will pause the game and stop the affection goal meter from draining to zero. You won’t be able to see the entire puzzle board, but it will give you a short breather.

Puzzles in HuniePop

The puzzles in HuniePop feature eight different pieces on an 8×7 board. There are four affection tokens and four puzzle tokens. Match at least three affection tokens of the same color and icon to earn points towards the affection goal in the meter below the puzzle. However, if you match any broken hearts (purple tokens), you will lose points towards the affection goal.

Each token can be moved all the way vertically or horizontally on the board, but not diagonally. Combine multiple affection tokens of the same color and icon to get the chance to receive a power token in its place. Increase your luck trait to improve your chances of receiving a power token.

The affection goal of a puzzle must be reached before all 20 turns are used. Another turn can be added by matching three joy tokens (yellow bells). Four-of-a-kind will give you two turns. Five-of-a-kind will give you three turns.

The score received from matching affection tokens can be increased by matching passion tokens (pink hearts). Matching passion tokens will increase the passion level, which increases the score multiplier for affection tokens.

Additionally, there are sentiment tokens (blue water drops) that allow you to use date gifts to make the puzzle a bit easier. Match three sentiment tokens to receive three sentiment. Four-of-a-kind will give you eight sentiment. Five-of-a-kind will give you 15 sentiment!

Name Color Icon Token
Romance Orange Moon Affection
Sexuality Red Fire Affection
Talent Blue Music Note Affection
Flirtation Green Star Affection
Passion Pink Heart Puzzle
Sentiment Blue Water Drop Puzzle
Joy Yellow Bell Puzzle
Penalty Purple Broken Heart Puzzle

Tips and Tricks for the puzzles

The trick to the puzzle game is to increase your sentiment and passion at the start. Sentiment is needed for gift items, and passion is needed to increase your multiplier. Once the passion multiplier is high enough, start making matches with the affection tokens that your date loves. You can match the others as well, but you won’t get as big of a boost. Avoid the broken hearts, and try to match at least four tokens instead of just three. You will have better odds at creating a power token if you match four or more, and you will get a much higher score per turn.

I personally like to start off with the Suede Ankle Booties. This will give you +3 sentiment when matching four or more affection tokens. The next item should be the Leopard Print Pumps, which will give you another move when you match four or more affection tokens. If too many broken hearts are on the board, use the Stuffed Bear to replace them with passion tokens. The Stuffed Whale is another good option that replaces broken hearts with sentiment tokens. Also, try to obtain a perfume that creates more of the tokens your date likes, and get a flower that consumes that same type of token.

Traits and Hunie

HuniePop features eight different Traits which can be leveled up using an in-game currency called Hunie. Hunie is earned by talking to girls and choosing the correct answer to their quiz, or asking a question you haven’t asking before. Talking to a girl takes up two bars in the nutrition meter. At least two bars must be in the nutrition meter before you can talk to a girl. You can also earn Hunie by giving gifts to girls that they like or love.

The eight different Traits in HuniePop are Talent, Flirtation, Romance, Sexuality, Passion, Sensitivity, Charisma, and Luck. Increasing these traits will allow you to perform better in the puzzle game. Each Trait can be increased up to six times. The amount of Hunie needed to reach the next level is listed below.

Rank Hunie Needed Total Hunie
1 1,500 1,500
2 2,800 4,300
3 4,100 8,400
4 5,400 13,800
5 6,700 20,500
Max 8,000 28,500

Munie and Items

Munie is another type of in-game currency that is used to purchase items from the Store part of the HunieBee. The store separates items into Gifts, Unique, Food, and Drinks.

To earn Munie, all you need to do is take a girl on a date and play a puzzle game. The amount of Munie you receive will be about the same as the affection score you reach at the end of a puzzle game – whether you are successful or a failure.

To purchase an item, go to the Store section of the HunieBee and click on the item. To give the item to a girl, you must meet up with her, place the item from your inventory to the small six boxes at the bottom of the screen, then drag the item from these boxes to your date on screen. Make note, only items with a heart or star next to them will be accepted. It’s best to browse the store when you are with a girl so you can see what she likes instead of guessing based off her profile.

The inventory is made up of 30 slots. There are an additional six slots for holding items to give to girls, and another six slots for holding date gifts that are used during a puzzle game. In total, there are 42 slots, and many more items than that.

Giving gifts with a star next to them in the store will give you Hunie. Giving gifts with a heart next to them will give you Hunie and a gift box in your inventory. Open the gift to receive a random date gift that can be used during puzzle games. If you want a specific item, you can reset the game after giving an item. The game auto saves each time you change locations and time of the day.

Unique gifts will permanently increase the Hunie you receive when talking to that specific girl. After sleeping with all seven original girls, you will be able to purchase items a girl likes by clicking on the silhouette within the girl’s profile. However, ordering items this way will cost 10,000 Munie.

Food and Drinks

Girls will only receive a gift if there is at least one bar in the nutrition meter. To increase the bars, give a girl food from the store that she likes. Just like gifts, food will have a star next to it when browsing the store next to the girl. You can also view a girl’s profile to see her likes and dislikes. The nutrition meter has a total of 12 bars. Six bars will be filled each time you meet up with a girl. Two bars are taken when talking to a girl.

Drinks will add bars to the intoxication meter, which is below the nutrition meter. Intoxicating a girl will increase the Hunie received when talking to her and giving gifts. The intoxication meter has a total of 12 bars. It will be completely empty each time you meet up with a new girl. Wait a day for the intoxication meter to reset.

Date Gifts

Gift Type Sentiment Description
Heart Necklace Jewelry 8 Drops the Passion level back to zero and gives +2% of total Affection goal for each Passion stage lost.
Gold Earrings Jewelry 6 +1 Move for every 2 Joy tokens on the grid.
Silver Ring Jewelry 4 Consume 10 random tokens on the grid. Broken Heart and Joy tokens excluded.
Pearl Necklace Jewelry 5 Drains your Sentiment and gives a +1% of total Affection goal for each 1 Sentiment drained.
Hoop Earrings Jewelry 6 +1 Move for every 2 Broken Heart tokens on the grid.
Lovely Ring Jewelry 6 Consume all the Power tokens on the grid.
Pink Lily Flowers 5 Consume all Passion tokens on the grid.
Blue Orchid Flowers 5 Consume all Talent tokens on the grid.
Orange Cosmos Flowers 5 Consume all Romance tokens on the grid.
Red Tulip Flowers 5 Consume all Sexuality tokens on the grid.
White Pansy Flowers 5 Consume all Flirtation tokens on the grid.
Sunflower Flowers 6 Consume all Joy tokens on the grid, earning +1 Move for every token consumed after the first 2.
Leopard Print Pumps Heels 8 +1 Move for every 4-of-a-kind (or more) Affection token match for the remainder of the date.
Vintage Platforms Heels 3 Select a token type and you will not lose any moves until a match is made that is of a different token type than the one you selected.
Pink Mary Janes Heels 3 +1 Sentiment for every Passion token match made for the remainder of the date.
Peep Toe Heels Heels 5 The next Broken Heart token match will count as a Passion token match instead.
Cork Wedge Sandals Heels 4 No tokens will be consumed as a result of a date gift being used for the remainder of the date. You’ll still get the benefits, but the tokens will remain. In other words, if you use this item before using any other date gifts, the next date gifts will consume the tokens but the tokens will remain on the board to be manually matched for more points!
Stuffed Sheep Plushies 6 +1 Passion Level for every 2 Broken Heart tokens on the grid.
Stuffed Bear Plushies 6 Convert all Broken Heart tokens into Passion tokens.
Stuffed Cat Plushies 4 Removed all Broken Heart tokens from the grid.
Stuffed Whale Plushies 6 Convert all Broken Heart tokens into Sentiment tokens.
Stuffed Penguin Plushies 8 Convert all Broken Heart tokens into Joy tokens.
Stuffed Monkey Plushies 6 +2 of total Affection goal for every Broken heart token on the grid.
Eyelash Curler Cosmetics 4 Consume a select column of tokens. Broken heart tokens excluded.
Makeup Kit Cosmetics 4 Consume a select 3×3 square of tokens. Broken Hearts excluded.
Hair Brush Cosmetics 4 Consume a select row of tokens. Broken Heart tokens excluded.
Shiny Lipstick Cosmetics 4 Upgrade a select Affection token to a Power token.
Nail Polish Cosmetics 5 Upgrade 3 random Affection tokens to Power tokens.
Compact Mirror Cosmetics 4 Select an Affection token and every token of that type will be replaced by either a Passion token, a Joy token, or a Sentiment token (random).
Rose Perfume Perfume 6 Increase the amount of Passion tokens that fall by 50% for the remainder of the date.
Sea Breeze Perfume Perfume 6 Increase the amount of Talent tokens that fall by 50% for the remainder of the date.
Lilac Perfume Perfume 3 Increase the amount of Broken Heart tokens that fall by 50% for the remainder of the date.
Peach Perfume Perfume 6 Increase the amount of Romance tokens that fall by 50% for the remainder of the date.

All Girls

huniepop girls

HuniePop features a total of twelve girls that can be dated. Eight girls will be found at the start of the game, and four others girls can be unlocked. Look under each girl’s section to learn their likes, dislikes, and how to unlock the secrets.

Each girl has their own set of preferences which can be seen in their profile under the ‘Girls’ part of the HunieBee. The five hearts at the top show how close you are to the girl. Successfully take a girl out on a date – reach the affection goal in their puzzle – to earn another heart. Four hearts are needed before starting a night date to sleep with a girl.

After earning five hearts, you will still be able to date the girl once a day. Remember, successfully completing a date will raise the affection goal for the next date. However, dating a girl with five stars will not increase the overall affection goal. You can also have sex with them if you pull off another successful night date.

The first page of a girl’s profile shows a girl’s likes when it comes to a specific affection token, the gifts she likes, the food she likes, the drinks she likes and her alcohol tolerance, and the unique items she loves. This can be used instead of meeting up with a girl and browsing a store to see if something is available that she will like. Also, make sure you focus on the affection token she likes when playing the puzzle game!

The second page of a girl’s profile lists all the questions you can ask them and the answers they will give. Make sure you do not ask the same question twice or you won’t earn any Hunie, but you will waste two bars on the nutrition meter.


Tiffany is the sweet blonde girl who tries hard in college and cheer leading.


Aiko is the thick-skinned college professor of Asian decent.


Kyanna is the tough Latina who dropped out of school to have a child.


Audrey is the bitchy white girl who loves drugs and shopping.


Lola is the kind black girl who is also a flight attendant.


Nikki is the nerdy, introverted type of girl who likes to play video games.


Jessie is the mature woman who is very sexual in nature.


Beli is the gentle south-Asian woman who teaches yoga classes.


Kyu is one of the secret girls who can be unlocked in HuniePop. She is the love fairy that teaches you how to interact with girls! To unlock her in the ‘Girl Finder’ you must successfully sleep with your first girl. To sleep with a girl, you must pull off three successful dates with the same girl to increase her gauge to four hearts. Take her out at night and successfully complete a fourth puzzle to sleep with her. Kyu will appear the next morning.


Venus is one of the secret girls who can be unlocked in HuniePop. She is the love goddess who overlooks all love fairies. To unlock her in the ‘Girl Finder’ you must sleep with the original eight girls and Kyu. She will appear the next morning.


Momo is one of the secret girls who can be unlocked in HuniePop. She is half cat and half person. To unlock her in the ‘Girl Finder’ buy a bag of goldfish and throw it in the inventory trash while outside. Make sure you select an outdoor location when selection a girl. Momo will appear when you try to leave.


Celeste is one of the secret girls who can be unlocked in HuniePop. She is a blue alien who crash landed near the beach. To unlock her in the ‘Girl Finder’ you must give your Dirty Magazine from your inventory to Kyu. She will give you a Strange Device in return. Place this Strange Device in your inventory and meet up with a girl at Turtle Bay Beach at night. Celeste will appear as you try to leave.


Title Description Tips and tricks
There May Be Hope Have your first successful date with a girl.
V-card Revoked Spend the night with a girl for the first time. Take a girl on a date at night when she has four hearts to take her home. Then play a rapid-fire game where there is no move limit, only a score limit with a meter that slowly drains.
Truest Player Spend the night with the goddess of love. Sleep with Venus, one of the secret girls who appears after sleeping with the main eight girls and Kyu.
Alpha Give Kyu ALL the pairs of panties after she asks for them. After sleeping with Venus, Kyu will ask if you want to unlock Alpha Mode. But to do so, you will need to give her all 12 panties from sleeping with all 12 girls. Place six of them from your inventory into the six slots at the bottom of the screen, then drag and drop them to Kyu.
Sobriety Spend the night with ALL the girls without giving any of them an alcoholic drink.
Make the Move While on a date, earn 2000 or more Affection in a single move. The easiest way to do this is to max out your Traits to get huge bonuses. Increase the Passion Level as high as possible, then use a Date Gift that consumes all the Affection Tokens your date desires.
DTF: Date the Fairy Unlock the secret character Kyu. See Kyu’s section above.
Bestiality Unlock the secret character Momo. See Momo’s section above.
Ayy Lmao Unlock the secret character Celeste. See Celeste’s section above.
Heavenly Body Unlock the secret character Venus. See Venus’ section above.
Alpha Champ Successfully complete 5 dates while in Alpha Mode. Alpha mode unlocks after giving all 12 panties to Kyu. The first puzzle’s affection score will be just above 5000 points.
Alpha Master Successfully complete 10 dates while in Alpha Mode.
Pickup Artist Spend the night with a girl within 4 days. Since four dates are needed to sleep with a girl, you must have a successful date with that girl every day. If you fail, close the game and reload your save. The game saves right when you meet up with a new girl.
Pickup Legend Spend the night with ALL the girls within 18 days. A minimum of 12 days is needed to successfully date and sleep with all 12 girls. However, there will be certain times a girl isn’t available. If you fail at a date, close the game and reload your save.
Smooth as F*ck Spend the night with ALL the girls without failing a single date. If you fail at a date, close the game and reload your save.
Buying Love Spend the night with ALL the girls without talking with any of them.
Lucky Loser Spend the night with 3 girls without upgrading any of your traits.
Quickie Successfully complete a date with at least 20 Moves remaining.
Zero Life Earn a 100% completion rate. Make sure all 12 girls have completed profiles. This requires buying a lot of items and asking them a lot of questions until all sections are filled out.
Money Bags Max out both your Munie and Hunie. This requires playing a lot of puzzle games and talking to a lot of girls. Munie is earned by playing puzzle games. Hunie is earned by talking to girls, giving them gifts, and answering their questions correctly. The max limit for both Hunie and Munie is 99,999.