Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F Guide

Here’s a short guide for the basics of this awesome rhythm game, now with all Videos (PVs)!

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F is the next installment in the popular Hatsune Miku Project Diva franchise. These games feature volcaloid technology, which is a singing voice synthesizer. The objective is to press the buttons that appear on the screen alongside the song’s rhythm. Try getting the high score and unlocking accessories for your singer, then up the difficulty when you think you’re ready.

Project Diva F is currently available on the PS3 and PS Vita around the world. A demo is also available on PS3’s PSN.


Hatsune Miku Project Diva F is your basic rhythm video game. The general concept is to hit buttons alongside the rhythm of each song, but there’s more to it when it comes to the scoring system.

Melody Icons

There are three types of icons that appear on screen: Buttons, Stars, and Arrows.

The Button Icons are the same as the controller: Triangle, Circle, X, and Square. When you see them, press them. These can also be alternated with the Up, Right, Down, and Left D-Pad buttons. See the table below for the matching buttons. If a large number of notes are placed back to back, it’s easier to alternate between both the shape buttons and D-Pad to hit the notes quickly.

If a long tail appears with the melody icons, hold the button until the end of the tail, then release at the right moment to get two timing grades.


The Star Icons can be hit by wiggling the left or right joysticks on the PS3 controller or swiping your finger across the touch screen on the PS Vita. If there are a lot of stars in a short time, swipe the screen or move the sticks up for one star then down for the other. You can also use both joysticks (PS3) or two thumbs while swiping the screen (PS Vita).

The Arrow-Shaped Icons require you to press Left, Right, Up, or Down in tandem with one of the shapes. The shape that must be pressed depends entirely on the color and direction:


[table caption=”Button Configuration” width=”400″ align=”center” colwidth=”30|30|30″ colalign=”center|center|center”]

Performance and Timing

Your performance is graded on how well you match the notes with the song’s rhythm (Timing). A small arrow will rotate clockwise on the note to help you with the timing and to make sure why note comes next in the song. Hit the note when the timing reaches the top (12 O’ Clock).There are five different grades:

  1. Cool
  2. Fine (Japanese) / Good (English)
  3. Safe
  4. Sad (Japanese) / Bad (English)
  5. Worst (Japanese) / Awful (English)

The amount of notes hit along with the Chance Time and Technical Bonus will give you an overall Clear Grade. This grade is measured in Grade Points. Anything below 80 points will not clear the stage. The only way to get a Perfect overall Clear Grade on a song is by hitting only Cools and Fines.

[table caption=”Score” width=”400″ align=”center” colwidth=”50|50″ colalign=”left|left”]
Clear Grade| Grade Points
Cheap (Japanese) / Lousy (English)|0-79

Song Energy Gauge

The Song Energy Gauge is the gauge at the lower left corner of the screen. It will slowly fill up when you get Cool and Fine note timings. If your note timings is Sad or Worst, the gauge will start to deplete. If the gauge completely empties, the song will end, and you will fail.

Technical Bonus

In the Technical Zone, your objectives is to get through a more challenging section of the song without losing your combo. The amount of notes remaining is displayed at the top left of the screen. If you keep hitting Cool and Fine grades, the remaining notes in the Technical Zone will deplete. On the other hand, if you drop your combo by getting a Safe or lower timing, you will fail the Technical Zone. When “Notes Left” reaches zero, “COMPLETE” will be displayed and you’ll receive a Score and Grade Point bonus.


Chance Time

When the frame at the top and bottom of the screen changes during a song, you’ve entered “Chance Time!” Each note will have a short rainbow tail, but this does not mean they need to be held. For this section of the stage, your Song Energy Gauge remains fixed, and you can rack up a bonus score. Furthermore, if you can fill the star gauge to the max and flick the stick (PS3) or swipe the screen (PS Vita) at the final “Chance Target” (big yellow star) with Fine or Cool timing, you’ll see an extra animation event and get a bonus to your Grade Points. The higher your Grade Points, the higher your final Clear Grade.

Diva Points

Diva Points is the currency used in Project Diva F. You will earn Diva Points after completing songs in Free Play. Spend them in the shop to unlock new outfits for all Characters and furnishings for the Diva Room.

Help and Challenge Items

Before you begin a song, you can choose a Help or Challenge item that will affect your gameplay and earned DIVA Points. An item must be purchased each time it is used before a song. Only one item can be used per song.

Help Items are used to help you get through a song, but the song’s final score may be reduced. Challenge Items are used to make a song tougher in some way or another, and the total Diva Points will be boosted. Below is a list of Help and Challenge Items in Project Diva F.

[table caption=”Help Items” width=”750″ colwidth=”25|25|50″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Training Wheels (プレイアシスト)|1000|All Sad and Worst timings will be changed to Safe so your Song Energy Gauge never depletes. The song’s result will always be Cheap, meaning you won’t pass the song.
Combo Safeguard (コンボガード)|3000|The first 30 Safe and Sad timings will automatically change to Fines, allowing you to keep a combo going.
Recovery (リカバリー)|1000|If your Song Energy Gauge reaches zero, it will fill back up once.
Simple Rhythm (リユムキャッチ)|1000|Button notes (Triangle, Circle, X, and Square) will change into Circle notes. The song’s result will always be Cheap, meaning you won’t pass the song.
Double Killer (ダブルキラー)|2000|All double targets (Arrow Icons) are changed to Single Button Targets (D-Pad or Shape Buttons). Your final rank will be Standard or lower.
Star Changer (スターキラー)|1000|Allows you to use L1/L2 or R1/R2 instead of swiping or using the joysticks on Star Icons. The song’s result will be Standard or lower.

[table caption=”Challenge Items” width=”750″ colwidth=”25|6|6|6|6|6|44″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left|left|left”]
Stealthy Target (シャイターゲット)|500|1000|2000|3000|2x DP|All notes appear a quarter measure before they must be hit.
Survival (サバイバル)|500|1000|2000|4000|2x DP|Cool and Fine timings will not regenerate the Song Energy Gauge.
Mega Survival (サバイバルS)|1000|2000|4000|5000|3x DP|Cool and Fine timings will not regenerate the Song Energy Gauge, and the Song Energy Gauge starts with 25% instead of 50%.
Perfectionist (COOL マスターS)|2000|3000|7000|10000|4x DP|All timing notes will drain the Song Energy Gauge except for Cool timings, but Fine will still fill the Star Gauge during Chance Time.


Below is a list of all songs in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F, the vocaloid that sings in the song, who the song was produced by, and the beats per minute (BPM). The PS Vita version of Project Diva F contains 32 songs, while the PS3 version contains 39.

There are only four difficulty levels in Project Diva F: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. The higher the difficulty, the more Diva Points you will earn. No songs on Easy have Arrow Notes, and only the Stars and Circle buttons will be used. Two melody buttons will be used on Normal, and Arrow Notes will be added. Three to four melody buttons will be used on Hard. All four melody buttons will be used on Extreme.

[table caption=”PS Vita and PS3 Song List” width=”750″ colwidth=”25|25|25|25″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Cat Food (キャットフード)|Hatsune Miku|doriko|174
Secret Police (秘密警察)|Hatsune Miku|Buriru-P|200
Melancholic (メランコリック)|Kagamine Rin|Junky|140
Weekender Girl|Hatsune Miku|kz(livetune), 八王子P (Hachioji-P)/ 8#Prince|132
Time Machine (タイムマシン)|Hatsune Miku|1640mP|126
DYE|Megurine Luka|AVTechNO|158
Fire◎Flower|Kagamine Len|halyosy|153
Summer Idol (サマーアイドル)|Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin|OSTER Project|180
ACUTE|Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka & KAITO|Kurousa-P|114
Urbandonment (トリノコシティ)|Hatsune Miku|40m-P|135
What Do You Mean? (どういうことなの!?)|Hatsune Miku|Kuchibashi-P|175
Stay with me|MEIKO|shu-t|126
Hm? Ah, Yes. (え?あぁ、そう。)|Hatsune Miku|Chouchou-P|192
Remote Controller (リモコン)|Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len|Jesus-P|165
Ashes to Ashes (ハイハハイニ)|KAITO|Tennen|130
World’s End Umbrella|Hatsune Miku|Hachi|180
Freely Tomorrow|Hatsune Miku|Mitchie M|129
Monochrome∞Blue Sky (モノクロ∞ブルースカイ)|Hatsune Miku|Noboru|130
Glasses (MEGANE)|Megurine Luka|Ultra-Noob|120
Kagamine HachiHachi Flower Fight (鏡音八八花合戦)|Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len|Moja-P|166
World’s End Dance Hall (ワールズエンド・ダンスホール)|Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka|wowaka|171
The MMORPG Addict’s Anthem (ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒコール)|Hatsune Miku|Satsuki Ga Tenkomori|175
Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!|Hatsune Miku|daniwell|142
Unhappy Refrain (アンハッピーリフレイン)|Hatsune Miku|wowaka|205
Odds & Ends|Hatsune Miku|ryo (Supercell)|192
Tengaku (天樂)|Kagamine Rin|Yuuyu|232
God-Tier Tune (神曲)|Hatsune Miku|Anyuu-P|163
Black★Rock Shooter|Hatsune Miku| ryo|165
Negaposi*Continues (ネガポジ*コンティニューズ)|Hatsune Miku|sasakure.UK|220
Sadistic. Music∞Factory|Hatsune Miku| cosMo|165
Continuing Dream (夢の続き)|Hatsune Miku|Dixie Flatline|80

[table caption=”PS3 Exclusive Song List” width=”750″ colwidth=”33|33|33″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]

Tell Your World|Hatsune Miku|kz (livetune)
Tokyo Teddy Bear (東京テディベア)|Kagamine Rin|Neru
Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku (夢喰い白黒バク)|Kagamine Len|Nem
Sweet Devil|Hatsune Miku|八王子P (Hachioji-P)/ 8#Prince
Rin-Chan Now! (リンちゃんなう!)|Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka|Owata-P
Senbonzakura (千本桜)|Hatsune Miku|Kurousa-P


Unlocking Songs

To unlock more songs in Project Diva F, you must clear a song with a standard grade or higher. This will clear a song four slots down — usually. If you wish to unlock the song at a higher difficulty, you must first clear the same song with a standard grade or higher on the previous difficulty. The game begins with three songs available on Easy and Normal.

The following table is a list of songs that must be cleared to unlock other songs. The left song must be cleared, and the right song gets unlocked.

[table caption=”Unlockable Songs” width=”750″ colwidth=”50|50″ colalign=”left|left”]
Cat Food|Time Machine
Secret Police|DYE
Weekender Girl|Summer Idol
Time Machine|Acute
Fire◎Flower|What Do You Mean!?
Summer Idol|Stay with me
Acute|Hm? Ah, Yes.
Urbandonment|Remote Controller
What Do You Mean!?|Ashes to Ashes
Stay with me|World’s End Umbrella
Hm? Ah, Yes.|Freely Tomorrow
Remote Controller|Monochrome∞Blue Sky
Ashes to Ashes|Glasses
World’s End Umbrella|Kagamine HachiHachi Flower Fight
Freely Tomorrow|World’s End Dance Hall
Monochrome∞Blue Sky|The MMORPG Addict’s Anthem
Kagamines’ Hachi Hachi Flowery Battle|Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!
World’s End Dance Hall|Unhappy Refrain
The MMORPG Addict’s Anthem|Odds & Ends
Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!|God-Tier Tune
Odds & Ends|Black★Rock Shooter
Negaposi*Continues|Sadistic. Music∞Factory
Sadistic. Music∞Factory|Continuing Dream

The following is a list of Extra songs included in the PS3 version. Just as the above list, the left song must be cleared to unlock the song on the right.

[table caption=”PS3 Only Unlockable Songs” width=”750″ colwidth=”50|50″ colalign=”left|left”]
Clear| Unlocks
Tell Your World|Tokyo Teddy Bear
Tokyo Teddy Bear|Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku
Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku|Sweet Devil
Sweet Devil|Rin-chan Now!
Rin-chan Now!|Senbonzakura

Diva Room

The Diva Room is another option from the main menu of Hatsune Miku Project Diva F. Each character in the game has their own room. Visit with them, play games, decorate each room with items from the shop, and build a friendship with all six Divas.

To build a friendships with each Diva, rub their head or face until one of their eyes opens. Stop rubbing once an eye opens or they may get upset. This will add some points to the friendship meter. After rubbing their head enough times, they may ask to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The game is pretty simple. Choose either Rock, Paper, or Scissors by pressing one of three buttons, then choose to turn your head up, down, left, or right. For those that don’t know, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock. For the head turn option, you have to guess which direction the Diva will turn their head if you won the rock, paper, scissors part. If you lost, you have to choose a direction that the Diva will not pick. Win both parts of the game three times to win the entire game and earn some friendship points.


You can also give each Diva gifts from the shop. Each character has certain likes and dislikes, so only give them items they will enjoy. Below is a list of presents and each character’s preferences towards them.

[table caption=”Presents: Food” width=”750″ colwidth=”16|14|14|14|14|14|14″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left|left”]
Vegetable Juice (野菜ジュース)|Love|Hate|Hate|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral
Milk (牛乳)|Hate|Hate|Neutral|Love|Neutral|Love
Cream Soda (グリーンソーダ)|Neutral|Neutral|Hate|Neutral|Love|Neutral
Orange Juice (オレンジジュース)|Neutral|Love|Love|Neutral|Neutral|Love
Iced Coffee (アイスコーヒー)|Neutral|Hate|Hate|Love|Neutral|Neutral
Melon Soda (メロンソーダ)|Love|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral
Cupcakes (カップケーキ)|Love|Love|Hate|Love|Neutral|Love
Rice Dumplings (お団子)|Neutral|Hate|Neutral|Love|Neutral|Neutral
Valentine’s Chocolate (ハートチョコ)|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Neutral|Love|Neutral
Popcorn (ポップコーン)|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Hate|Neutral|Hate
Fruit Parfait (フルーツパフェ)|Love|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Love|Neutral
Taiyaki (たい焼き)|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Love
Macarons (マカロン)|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Neutral|Love
Cookies (クッキー)|Love|Love|Love|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral
Donuts (ドーナツ)|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Neutral|Love|Neutral
Tuna Sushi (マグロの寿司)|Neutral|Hate|Hate|Love|Neutral|Neutral
Rice Omelet (オムライス)|Love|Love|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral

[table caption=”Presents: Objects” width=”750″ colwidth=”16|14|14|14|14|14|14″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left|left”]
Paper Balloon (紙風船)|Neutral|Love|Neutral|Hate|Neutral|Hate
Blowing Bubbles (シャボン玉)|Neutral|Love|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Hate
Hand Mirror (手鏡)|Neutral|Neutral|Hate|Love|Hate|Love
Sheet Music (楽譜)|Love|Hate|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Neutral
Hand Fan (うちわ)|Hate|Love|Love|Hate|Neutral|Hate
Sunflowers (ヒマワリ)|Neutral|Love|Love|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral
Tulips (チューリップ)|Love|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Neutral|Neutral
Daisies (マーガレット)|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Love
Stuffed Bear (クマのぬいぐるみ)|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Neutral|Neutral|Love
Stuffed Rabbit (ウサギのぬいぐるみ)|Neutral|Love|Neutral|Love|Neutral|Neutral
Stuffed Cat (ネコのぬいぐるみ)|Love|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Neutral
Paper Fan (ハリセン)|Hate|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Love
Jack-in-the-Box (びっくり箱)|Hate|Love|Love|Hate|Neutral|Neutral
Maracas (マラカス)|Love|Love|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Neutral
Tambourine (タンバリン)|Neutral|Neutral|Love|Love|Neutral|Love
Calligraphy Paper (書道用半紙)|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral
Sketchbook (スケッチブック)|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral|Neutral

Studio Mode

Studio Mode is a PS3 exclusive mode similar to PS Vita’s AR Mode. There are two sections in Studio Mode: Live Studio and Photo Studio. In Live Studio, you can choose from a small list of songs for a Diva to perform on stage. You are then able to switch to and control multiple cameras around the arena while they perform.

The songs available on Live Studio Mode are for viewing purposes only. You do not play the normal rhythm game with these songs.

[table width=”750″ colwidth=”50|25|25″ colalign=”left|left|left”]

The World is Mine (ワールドイズマイン)|Hatsune Miku|Ryo
Miracle Paint (ミラクルペイン)|Hatsune Miku|Oster Project
I’ll Miku-Miku You♪ (For Reals) (みくみくにしてあげる♪【してやんよ】)|Hatsune Miku|Ika
1/6 -out of the gravity-|Hatsune Miku|Vocaliod-P (Bookariodo-P)
Weekender Girl (Live Mode)|Hatsune Miku|kz(livetune), 八王子P (Hachioji-P)/ 8#Prince
Odds & Ends (Live Mode)|Hatsune Miku|ryo (Supercell)
Time Machine (Live Mode) (タイムマシン)|Hatsune Miku|1640mP
39|Hatsune Miku|DECO*27 and sasakure.UK

In Photo Studio you can place Hatsune Miku in a number of poses, mess with lighting, select filters, and take pictures of her. It’s your own mini photoshoot! Some angles are not supported, so no upskirts!

AR Mode

AR Mode (Augmented Reality) is the PS Vita Exclusive Mode for Project Diva F. It allows you to place AR Live Markers anywhere in your home and use the PS Vita’s Camera to bring Hatsune Miku into your world!

Using AR Mode is simple. All you need to do is choose AR Mode from the main menu, choose a song, place the AR Marker somewhere flat, and place the green box on the screen over the AR Marker. Hatsune Miku will appear on the green box, and she can even be blown up or shrunk by using UP or DOWN on the D-PAD. While Miku is performing, feel free to move around to see her from almost every angle.

AR Mode Songs

The songs available on AR Mode are for viewing purposes only. You do not play the normal game with these songs.

[table width=”750″ colwidth=”50|25|25″ colalign=”left|left|left”]

The World is Mine ~39’s Giving Day Edition~ (ワールドイズマイン)|Hatsune Miku|Ryo
Miracle Paint (ミラクルペイン)|Hatsune Miku|Oster Project
(I’ll Make You Do the Miku Miku♪ (You’ll Do It) (みくみくにしてあげる♪【してやんよ】)|Hatsune Miku|Ika
1/6 -out of the gravity- ~39’s Giving Day Edition~|Hatsune Miku|Vocaliod-P (Bookariodo-P)

AR Live Markers

If you need a marker, simply save one from below and print it out.





Edit Mode

Edit Mode allows you to select a song, add different vocaloids, costumes, backgrounds, and even melody buttons to the song. You can then save the song and upload it to PSN. Once uploaded, you can play the Edit song in the Free Play menu. You can also download other player’s edited songs.




Hatsune Miku Project Diva F contains 29 Trophies for the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game. There is one platinum, five gold, twelve silver, and eleven bronze trophies. All trophies have been placed in alphabetical order for ease of indexing. Click the trophy name to see a short description on how to unlock it.

A Place to Unwind (Silver)
Purchase all Diva Room themes.
Anything For You (Silver)
Buy all presents from both present shops, including all six birthday cakes. The cakes will become available after reaching level 6 friendship with each character.
Art Collection (Bronze)
The art this trophy is referring to is each load screen. These can be viewed in the gadgets section in the DIVA Room after buying the Art Gallery Book for 2000 DP in the Shelf Items section of the Shop.
Bon Appetit! (Bronze)
Buy a kitchen timer for 2000 DP in the Shelf Items section of the Shop, set it for 3:00 in the Diva Room, and the trophy is yours when the timer goes off!

Concert Tour (Bronze)
Watch all the live AR Performances on the PS Vita or the Live Concert Mode on the PS3.
Elite Player (Gold)
Earn at least a “standard” on all songs at the hard difficulty. This does not include the Extra songs in the PS3 Version.
Entertainer (Gold)
Succeed at every song’s Chance Time. If you can’t select “Bonus Event” while watching a song’s movie (PV), that means you never succeeded at the song’s Chance Time. This does not include the Extra songs in the PS3 Version.
Fabulous Furniture (Silver)
Purchase every piece of furniture for the Diva Rooms.
Film Buff (Silver)
Watch every song’s movie (PV). The movie (PV) is unlocked after clearing the song. After viewing all song PVs, play a song’s rhythm game, and the trophy should unlock at the conclusion.
Good Morning! (Bronze)
Buy an alarm clock for 2000 DP in the Shelf Items section of the Shop, set it in the Diva Room, and stop it when it goes off.

I Love DIVA (Bronze)
Clear a song with each Character. This should unlock naturally as you play through the songs, as long as you don’t switch characters.
Kaito's Companion (Silver)
Earn max friendship (Level 6) with Kaito. Friendship is earned by visiting each character’s Diva Room. Buy a character gifts (each character prefers something different), spend time with them, and rub their hair until one eye is opened.
Len's Buddy (Silver)
Earn max friendship (Level 6) with Kagamine Len. Friendship is earned by visiting each character’s Diva Room. Buy a character gifts (each character prefers something different), spend time with them, and rub their hair until one eye is opened.
Luka's Pal (Silver)
Earn max friendship (Level 6) with Megurine Luka. Friendship is earned by visiting each character’s Diva Room. Buy a character gifts (each character prefers something different), spend time with them, and rub their hair until one eye is opened.
Meiko's Manager (Silver)
Earn max friendship (Level 6) with Meiko. Friendship is earned by visiting each character’s Diva Room. Buy a character gifts (each character prefers something different), spend time with them, and rub their hair until one eye is opened.
Memory Album (Gold)

Get all Diva Room Events. Each room can be decorated with themes and items from the shop. After an item is placed somewhere in the Diva room, you can interact with it using the Item Event option in the Diva Menu. The Event Log in the Diva Room lists all events you have unlocked. Below is a list of all events. The Fortune, Calligraphy, and Sketchbook events are randomized. Keep using those items until you unlock the right events.

[table caption=”Event List” width=”750″ colwidth=”5|40|15|40″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
No.|Event|Room|How To Unlock
1|Let’s Play the Keyboard!|Any|Item Event: Keyboard
2|Epic Guitar Solo|Any|Item event: Guitar
3|Green Thumb|Any|Item event: Decorative Plant
4|Epic Armor Battle (Gold)|Any|Item event: Suit of Gold Armor
5|Epic Armor Battle (Silver)|Any|Item event: Suit of Silver Armor
6|Smell the flowers! (Green Vase)|Any|Item event: Green Flower Vase
7|Smell the flowers! (Yellow Vase)|Any|Item event: Yellow Flower Vase
8|Smell the flowers! (Pink Vase)|Any|Item event: Pink Flower Vase
9|Hello Goldfish (Red Goldfish)|Any|Item event: Fishbowl (Red Fish)
10|Hello Goldfish (Black Goldfish)|Any|Item event: Fishbowl (Black Fish)
11|Hello Goldfish (White Goldfish)|Any|Item event: Fishbowl (White Fish)
12|Folding Miku Papercraft|Miku only|Item event: Miku Papercraft
13|Folding Rin Papercraft|Rin only|Item event: Rin Papercraft
14|Folding Len Papercraft|Len only|Item event:Len Papercraft
15|Folding Luka Papercraft|Luka only|Item event: Luka Papercraft
16|Folding Kaito Papercraft|KAITO only|Item event: Kaito Papercraft
17|Folding Meiko Papercraft|MEIKO only|Item event: Meiko Papercraft
18|Checking out Miku’s Figurine|Miku only|Item event: Miku Figurine
19|Checking out Rin’s Figurine|Rin only|Item event: Rin Figurine
20|Checking out Len’s Figurine|Len only|Item event: Len Figurine
21|Checking out Luka’s Figurine|Luka only|Item event: Luka Figurine
22|Checking out Kaito’s Figurine|KAITO only|Item event: Kaito Figurine
23|Checking out Meiko’s Figurine|MEIKO only|Item event: Meiko Figurine
24|Today’s Fortune is… (Very Bad)|Any|Item event: Fortune Box
25|Today’s Fortune is… (Good)|Any|Item event: Fortune Box
26|Today’s Fortune is… (Very Good)|Any|Item event: Fortune Box
27|Open Mic|Any|Item event: Microphone
28|High Noon|Any|Item event: Totem Pole
29|Who Gets Which Piece?|Any|Item event: Cake Assortment
30|Battle Without Honor or Humanity|Any|Item event: Handheld Game Console
31|Eke Out the Leek!|Any|Item event: Eek, a Leek!
32|So, How’s It Taste?|Any|Item event: Tea Set
33|Everyone Say “Cheeeeese”!|Any|Item event: SLR Camera
34|No, No, I Insist!|Any|Item event: Seafood Stew
35|Maraca Madness|Any|Present: Maracas
36|Heads or Tails?|Any|Present: Taiyaki
37|Non-Stop Sushi|Any|Present: Tuna Sushi
38|Hand Fan Workout|Any|Present: Hand Fan
39|Open Wide!|Any|Present: Rice Omelet
40|Cat-in-the-Box|Any|Present: Jack-in-the-Box
41|That Hits the Spot! (Orange Juice)|Any|Present: Orange Juice
42|That Hits the Spot! (Iced Coffee)|Any|Present: Iced Coffee
43|That Hits the Spot! (Melon Soda)|Any|Present: Melon Soda
44|Snack Time (Macarons)|Any|Present: Macarons
45|Snack Time (Cookies)|Any|Present: Cookies
46|Snack Time (Donuts)|Any|Present: Donuts
47|Say It With Flowers (Sunflowers)|Any|Present: Sunflowers
48|Say It With Flowers (Tulips)|Any|Present: Tulips
49|Say It With Flowers (Daisies)|Any|Present: Daisies
50|My Fluffy Friend (Bear)|Any|Present: Stuffed Bear
51|My Fluffy Friend (Rabbit)|Any|Present: Stuffed Rabbit
52|My Fluffy Friend (Cat)|Any|Present: Stuffed Cat
53|Calligraphy 1st Dan: “A Better Deal”|Any|Present: Calligraphy Paper
54|Calligraphy 2nd Dan: “Home Security”|Any|Present: Calligraphy Paper
55|Calligraphy 3rd Dan: “I Love Singing”|Any|Present: Calligraphy Paper
56|Calligraphy 4th Dan: “A Real Angel!”|Any|Present: Calligraphy Paper
57|Calligraphy 5th Dan: “Movie Adaptation”|Any|Present: Calligraphy Paper
58|Calligraphy 6th Dan: “Hall of Famer”|Any|Present: Calligraphy Paper
59|Tambourine Twins|Any|Present: Tambourine
60|Follow the Maestro|Any|Present: Sheet Music
61|Fear the Fan!|Any|Present: Paper Fan
62|Artistic Sensibilities (Good) – Miku|Any but Miku|Present: Sketchbook
63|Artistic Sensibilities (Bad) – Miku|Any but Miku|Present: Sketchbook
64|Artistic Sensibilities (Good) – Rin|Any but Rin|Present: Sketchbook
65|Artistic Sensibilities (Bad) – Rin|Any but Rin|Present: Sketchbook
66|Artistic Sensibilities (Good) – Len|Any but Len|Present: Sketchbook
67|Artistic Sensibilities (Bad) – Len|Any but Len|Present: Sketchbook
68|Artistic Sensibilities (Good) – Luka|Any but Luka|Present: Sketchbook
69|Artistic Sensibilities (Bad) – Luka|Any but Luka|Present: Sketchbook
70|Artistic Sensibilities (Good) – Kaito|Any but Kaito|Present: Sketchbook
71|Artistic Sensibilities (Bad) – Kaito|Any but Kaito|Present: Sketchbook
72|Artistic Sensibilities (Good) – Meiko|Any but Meiko|Present: Sketchbook
73|Artistic Sensibilities (Bad) – Meiko|Any but Meiko|Present: Sketchbook
74|Happy Birthday Miku!|Miku only|Present: Birthday Cake (Miku) or visit her room on her birthday (August 31)
75|Happy Birthday Rin and Len!|Rin or Len only|Present: Birthday Cake (Rin & Len) or visit either room on their birthday (December 27)
76|Happy Birthday Luka!|Luka only|Present: Birthday Cake (Luka) or visit her room on her birthday (January 30)
77|Happy Birthday Kaito!|Kaito only|Present: Birthday Cake (Kaito) or visit his room on his birthday (February 17)
78|Happy Birthday Meiko!|Meiko only|Present: Birthday Cake (Meiko) or visit her room on her birthday (November 5)
79|Happy Birthday to You!|Any|Present: Birthday Cake (Player) or visit any room on your birthday (Fill out profile)

Miku's Partner (Silver)
Earn max friendship (Level 6) with Hatsune Miku. Friendship is earned by visiting each character’s Diva Room. Buy a character gifts (each character prefers something different), spend time with them, and rub their hair until one eye is opened.
Module Collector (Gold)
Buy all Modules (Costumes) from the shop. Most are unlocked by completing each song on any difficulty. Some Modules are unlocked by completing a couple songs on Hard, and one song must be completed on Expert.
Newbie Editor (Bronze)
Save at least one edit data in the Edit Mode.
Nice to Meet You (Bronze)
Fill out your profile in the records menu. Add your name, birthday, favorite song, and a comment.
P is for Producer (Silver)
Upload at least one song to PSN via Edit Mode.
Personal Visit (Bronze)
Visit each character’s Diva Room at least once. Diva rooms become unlocked as you clear songs in the Rhythm Game.
Psychic (Bronze)
Play the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game without losing. That means win with a 3-0 score. This game can be played inside the Diva Room after interacting with a character.
Rin's Playmate (Silver)
Earn max friendship (Level 6) with Kagamine Rin. Friendship is earned by visiting each character’s Diva Room. Buy a character gifts (each character prefers something different), spend time with them, and rub their hair until one eye is opened.
Shooting Star (Silver)
Play the mini game that was first shown in the credits. To do this, you must first clear every song in free play mode on Normal. After that, the “Arcade” item will appear in the shop. Buy it and play it in the Diva Room under Gadgets to earn this trophy.

Skilled Player (Gold)
Earn at least a “standard” on all songs at the normal difficulty. This does not include the Extra songs in the PS3 Version.
Thumbs Up! (Bronze)
Play your “favorite” song from Edit mode. You can choose a favorite at the Edit Play menu, but it cannot be your own Edit Data.
Trophy Master (Platinum)
Unlock all trophies.
Welcome to DIVA! (Bronze)
Clear the Tutorial.