Happy Valentine’s Day

If you’re single, if you’re in love, if you’re married, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there! Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a burden on all the single people out there. I’ve been single for about 1/5th of all Valentine’s Days in my life. If you do like someone, but are too afraid to say anything, just go for it! It’s always better to find out if that person doesn’t like you and move on than staying attracted to someone who will never be with you. And don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Always be yourself so you know the person really likes you for you.

With all that said, lets talk a bit about games. If you’re still single and chilling on Valentine’s Day, you can still eat some chocolates alone and play some awesome games with a little love in it. Final Fantasy has had some love stories in their games from time to time. The more recent Final Fantasy XIII has a very cinematic love story throughout the game between Serah and Snow. Here’s a clip of it from early on in the game.

If you don’t feel like playing games, you can still have the warm video game feeling inside of you when you check out all these Valentine works of art around the net. Here are some Pokemon Themed Valentine Cards.

From: Memebase

But, if you don’t like all this love junk, you can always play a new release that is completely opposite of V-Day. Released today is the all new Twisted Metal for Playstation 3. Keep a look out on IGN’s Wikis for my Strategy Guide on the game.