Halo 5 Limited Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Get your hands on this for a steal! Check out this Halo 5 Limited Collector’s Edition Unboxing.

Halo 5 Guardians originally released back in October of 2015. Alongside the normal editions, a special Limited Collector’s Edition was made available for a whopping $250. However, like many special editions that are overpriced and over manufactured (not really “limited”), stores were left with many on hand. Amazon cut the price all the way down to $70! I saw the deal and quickly swooped in.

The thing that caught my eye immediately was the statue of Master Chief that came with the collector’s edition. I felt that alone was worth $70. The rest was pretty much extra. When the box arrived, I was surprised at how big it was.

Inside the box is a huge piece of Styrofoam to keep the statues safe. In the corner of the Styrofoam is a steelbook case of Halo 5 Guardians. However, the disc version of the game is not included. Instead, you are given a code for the digital copy of the game, the Warzone REQ Bundle, the Halo: The Fall of Reach Animated Series, and a 14 day Xbox Live trial code.

Also in the steelbook case is a Guardian model by Metal Earth, and a briefing packet in both English and French. The briefing packet was a nice, small addition for this limited edition. The Guardian model looked really awesome on the back of the box, but it requires a ton of assembly. I tried piecing it together, but it was way too tough for me.

The statue of Master Chief and Spartan Locke aren’t as high quality as I had hoped. I’ve collected a number of hand-painted anime figures throughout the years, so my expectations and standards were a bit high. The quality of these statues is far from bad, but the painting isn’t all that great, and whatever they’re made out of feels a bit cheap. The surrounding part of the Spartans is a hollow plastic, while the statues of the Spartans are more metallic and plastic mix. It comes in two pieces that are magnetically linked by the base.

If you want to see a full 360 degree review of the unboxing and statues, see my video review over on my gaming channel.

It’s tough to say this package was worth the original $250 price tag, but the $70 price point I paid was well worth it. I wish the Guardian model wasn’t so damn difficult to piece together, but the Master Chief and Locke statues are pretty bad ass. Plus you get a digital copy of the game and the animated series of Fall of Reach. If you want to buy a set for yourself, grab it off of Amazon. Use my link below and I’ll get a small cut of it. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything extra, it’ll just help keep my website afloat.