Haganai: Yozora Mikazuki Figure Review – Kotobukiya

An in-depth Yozora Mikazuki figure review from the anime and manga Haganai. This figure is from Kotobukiya.

This figure is of Yozora Mikazuki – or Mikazuki Yozora if you want the family name to be first like in Japan. This character is from the anime and manga Boku Wa (Ha) Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, which translates into I Don’t Have Many Friends. This anime and manga also goes by the shorter name “Haganai.” This is a 1/8th scale, pre-painted figure from the Kotobukiya company, and was sculpted by Rio (ReplyFrom~~).

This is the short-haired version of Yozora Mikazuki which is shown at the end of the first season of the anime. Just a heads up, the box actually says “Mikaduki Yozora,” which is an obvious mistake on her family name / surname.

haganai_yozora_mikazuki_kotobukiya2 haganai_yozora_mikazuki_kotobukiya3

For those who love to keep their figures in the box, you may want to know how this box has one large window on the front, a medium-sized window on one side, a small window on the other side, and a medium-sized window on the top. All the figure’s info is located on the bottom of the box.

haganai_yozora_mikazuki_kotobukiya4 haganai_yozora_mikazuki_kotobukiya5

This figure comes with a rectangular white stand, but the figure cannot attach to the stand at all. Without the base this figure stands at 118 mm tall, and about 80mm from her hand to her back.

haganai_yozora_mikazuki_kotobukiya7 haganai_yozora_mikazuki_kotobukiya12

Also in the box is a small book with a manga-like image of a boy inside. The only way to attach the book to the figure is to sort of jam it in-between her fingers. It’s not very secure, but it works.

haganai_yozora_mikazuki_kotobukiya6 haganai_yozora_mikazuki_kotobukiya10

This figure is made out of PVC, and can be disassembled at the waist. You can even remove her skirt and display her in her underwear if you like.

haganai_yozora_mikazuki_kotobukiya11 haganai_yozora_mikazuki_kotobukiya9

In my opinion, this figure is sculpted and painted really well. The skin has the right tone, the face looks great, and the clothes are painted and wrinkled very nicely. If you would like to buy this figure, you can grab one from Amazon at the link below.