Getting into manga

Everyone knows and loves anime, but we must not forget about the manga that came before. Jane Watson writes this short beginner’s guide to manga for anyone who wants to get into the comics.

A beginner’s guide to manga

The manga industry has seen huge international success since it began back in the 1950’s, attracting readers of all ages with its wide range of at styles and genres. Reading manga can provide people with endless hours of entertainment, and it can also be a hugely social thing to do as well, as it stimulates so much conversation around the characters, plot, and different interpretations. Joining manga reading or anime clubs can also be a great way to extend your social life.

For some people it can turn into a life-time hobby. Many of the more avid fans of manga take a lot of pleasure from collecting different manga series and building a library at home. So there are plenty of reasons to get into manga and anime, and there’s no doubt that it will enrich your life if you do. This article will give you some tip tops to help you get started in manga.

Navigating the vast world of manga and anime

When it comes to reading manga, you are certainly overwhelmed with choice. There is a massive range of different genre’s and sub genres and various different classifications in terms of target audience, and while these can be a useful guide, ultimately it will always come down to your own personal tastes and preferences. Some of the most well known and widely acclaimed manga’s and anime series include Death Note, Cowboy Beebop, Full Metal Alchemist, One Punch Man, Naruto, and Attack on Titan. Any of these should be a great place to start.

Popular Manga/Anime YouTube Channels

There are a range of awesome YouTube channels that are dedicated towards reviewing the latest manga and anime, and having varied discussions around the themes explored, the characters, plot development, and all the various different interpretations. Some of the most popular include Forevernworld, King of Lightning, and Chibi Reviews.

Making your own YouTube Channel

Creating your own channel is entirely possible, and it could be a really fun and rewarding enterprise, as well as an opportunity to make money if you manage to secure enough followers. If you are thinking about creating your own channel, then doing your research is key, particularly with regard to YouTube policies around copyright law, so you can make sure that you are displaying the right content.

Creating a theme and getting seen

You will need to make the content stimulating, engaging and provocative, as well as come up with a theme that people can relate to, that makes your channel appealing and gives it its own distinct personality. To give your channel as much visibility as possible and help it rank, you will need to optimize the search terms, giving titles to your videos that viewers are likely to search for.

Creating your own manga drawings

If art is more your thing, and you fancy trying your hand at creating your own manga drawings, then make sure you take heed of these three wise words before you get started… Precision Is Key! Unless you draw all the various shapes and lines at exactly the right angles and measurements, your manga drawing will not look authentic. So before you try to free hand it or even attempt to copy a drawing of a manga character, you should get yourself a step by step manga drawing guide or follow online tutorials to get you on your way first.