Find Your Political Label on Facebook

If you live in the USA, Facebook gives you a political label based on what you view. Here’s how to find your political label on facebook.

Facebook has been the center of attention in political news as of late. People are finally realizing how much information is taken just to sell junk back to them. Obviously, this has upset some citizens who are worried about their privacy. Nobody should worry! Facebook only shares info that you allow them to share or that you enter yourself. Besides, the US government has been spying on everyone in the USA for years!

But I’m sure everyone has come here to find out their political label. It’s easy! From the Facebook website, click the small arrow at the top-right corner to the right of the question mark. This will show you all the setting options. From Settings, go to Ads > Your Information > Your Categories > US Politics.

The Facebook app is more or less the same. I used the android version and was able to find the settings by clicking the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner. From there go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Ad Preference > Your Information > Your Categories > US Politics

The algorithm will either label you as very liberal, liberal, moderate, conservative, or very conservative. Of course, these terms are only for US politics. A liberal in US politics is usually more conservative than a conservative in Canadian politics.

Why do websites collect your data? As I mentioned earlier, most information is gathered to sell you something. Of course, companies look at this as a better way to serve their customers around multiple websites. Here’s an breakdown of how it works: You go to Amazon and buy a skateboard. Then you go to Facebook and see ads for skateboards and similar products. Facebook and other social media sites might also recommend skateboarding groups to join — that way you can find other people with similar interests. Keep searching for skateboard-related items, and the data that’s collected will add up. Go to google and type Tony, the search engine will most likely auto complete it to Tony Hawk, possibly the most famous skateboarder of all time.

While this might be a good way to serve customers, it sometimes puts people in a social bubble. Start liking liberal pages on Facebook, and they’ll serve you liberal-leaning news. However, the Facebook news feed is set to be removed “soon.”