Final Fantasy XIII Gallery

Come see the very first VG Photo Gallery of my Blog!

I’ve had these images on my hard drive for some time now, just waiting to be put in a photo gallery on my blog. Some of you may notice how many Serah images are in here. I think she’s the cutest of all the character in the XIII series — at least until Lumina came along in Lightning Returns.

I should note, all of these were taking from the PS3 version using component cables at 720p. Stupid Sony with HDCP doesn’t allow me to use HDMI to capture!

This is my very first video game photography post. If you think I should do something differently, by all means speak up! I’m not sure if I want to go with “[Game Name Here] Gallery” for each post’s title and URL, but I’m not sure which other title I should use. Plain old images may seem boring.

I wanted to use the slideshow function, but for some reason it’s not working. Hopefully it will be all good for the next post.