O’aka XXIII is a traveling merchant found throughout Spira. Unfortunately, he won’t have anything for sale the first few times you meet him. Instead, he will ask you to invest in his shop. He can be found asking for money at:

  • S.S. Liki
  • Luca
  • S.S. Winno
  • Mi’ihen Highroad

The Gil you give O’aka will reflect the final prices of his items. Invest a few Gil and his items will be pretty pricey. Invest 10,001 Gil or more to get the best prices in all of Spira.

Investment Price of Items
0-100 Gil 2x the Price of Shops
101-1,000 Gil 1.5x the Price of Shops
1,001-10,000 Gil 1.2x the Price of Shops
10,0001 Gil + 0.7x the Price of Shops