Exploration and Saving

Final Fantasy X is a very linear game for the most part. The majority of the game is spent going from one town to the next while completing objectives. However, towards the end of the game you will be able to go back to towns you’ve previously visited to explore them further and open up new areas.

Many items and equipment can be found in treasure chests around each area. Even more items can be purchased from shops and a traveling merchant known as O’Aka XXIII. Weapons, Shields, and consumable items are the only type of items that can be purchased.

As you travel around, you will encounter random monsters in battle. With the exception of boss battles, all fights are completely random. See more about battling on the next page.

From time to time you will find small blue spheres at specific points in an area. These blue spheres are save spheres. Interact with them to restore the entire party’s HP and MP. Click save to select a file and save them game.