Calm Lands


Fiends HP Fire Thunder Water Ice
Anacondaur 5800 Absorb
Chimera Brain 9800 Strong Strong
Coeurl 6000 Strong Strong
Flame Flan 1500 Absorb Strong Strong Weak
Malboro 22,000 Weak Nul Nul
Mech Scouter 2750 Weak
Nebiros 700 Weak
Ogre 9400 Weak
Shred 1950 Weak Strong Strong Strong
Skoll 1000 Weak Weak

After the cut scene, head to the left down the ramp to the Calm Lands. A large airboat will come driving in. This is a traveling shop. Buy weapons and items here if you need them.

Turn around and follow the wall to the corner in the east (keep an eye on the mini map). You can find two treasure chests containing 5000 Gil and 10000 Gil.

A short distance north (use the mini map to find north) is an exit to the Calm Lands Monster Arena. If you want to begin the monster capturing side quest, head there now.

Monster Arena

The Monster Arena is located in a small alcove along the east side of the Calm Lands. Speak with the owner to begin this side quest. The owner wants you to capture various Fiends around Spira, starting with the nine different Fiends in the Calm Lands.

To capture the Fiends, you must buy special weapons with the capture ability. Defeat the Fiends in battle with these special weapons equipped to capture them. You can – and definitely should – customize these weapons with different abilities like piercing, scan, and status effects. Only plain attacks with these special weapons will allow you to capture Fiends. Magic, Skills, and Overdrive attacks will not work. Also, Al Bhed Mechs cannot be captured.

After capturing all the Fiends in the Calm Lands, you can try to capture Fiends throughout the rest of Spira. You will get rewards for capturing one of every Fiend in an area, ten fiends of a specific species, and ten of every Fiend in an area.

The Monster Arena owner will then combine Fiends and allow you to fight them. If you can defeat these incredibly tough beasts, you can earn some rare rewards.

Calm Lands – North

A small shop is located at the northwest section of the Calm Lands. You can find a treasure chest at the top of the shop with a Lv. 2 Key Sphere inside. Walk to the shop’s counter to start a short cut scene. After the scene, you can buy some items or weapons from the shop clerk. You can also save your game and play Blitzball at the save sphere.

Walk a short distance southwest to find Belgemine near one of the spirals. Once again, she will challenge you to an Aeon duel. Use Ifrit against her Shiva since she is weak to fire attacks. Don’t forget about using the boost option to get Ifrit’s Overdrive quickly. If Shiva gets her Overdrive, use the shield option to protect Ifrit. And if Ifrit’s HP gets too low, use a fire attack on Ifrit to restore his health.

Defeat Belgemine to obtain Power Sphere x30 and the Aeon’s Soul. The Aeon’s Soul allows you to use spheres to boost the stats of your Aeons.

Further northwest is the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIII. It’s near the giant gorge.

To the north is a woman on a Chocobo. Speak with her to begin the Chocobo training mini-game! Train some Chocobo to earn rare items and get a Chocobo to ride around the Calm Lands.

Chocobo Training

Begin the Chocobo Training by speaking with the woman on the chocobo at the north end of the Calm Lands. If you give up or want to do something else, speak with her in this same spot to try again.

After completing a game, select “Let’s Do Something Else” to try the next unlocked game. Complete all the games to earn the Chocobo License trophy along with some awesome prizes. You can now ride a chocobo around the Calm Lands and reach a secret area to the southeast! You will not encounter Fields while riding a Chocobo. Press the Circle button to get off whenever you like.

Game First Prize Later Prizes Description
Wobbly chocobo Elixir X-Potion Ride a chocobo from one end of the field to the other within the target time to train the Chocobo. Try to keep the Chocobo straight to reach the other end as quickly as possible.
Dodger chocobo Lv. 1 Key Sphere Mega Potion Dodge the incoming balls to avoid being stunned. Your chocobo will run straight this time, but you’ll need to move left or right to dodge the balls. Run straight ahead after dodging the balls to reach the finish line quickly.
Hyper dodger chocobo Lv. 2 Key Sphere Ether Dodge birds and balls to avoid being stunned. Birds will move the same as the balls from the last game, but the balls will turn into a small group of balls when they hit the floor. Make sharp turns to avoid both the birds and the balls, then quickly correct your path to reach the other end of the field.
Catcher chocobo Lv. 3 Key Sphere Turbo Ether Race the chocobo trainer in this final game. Collect balloons to shave three seconds off your time. If you get hit by a bird, you will add three seconds to your time. The person with the lowest time will win. If you can get a time of 0:00:00 seconds, you will get the Sun Sigil celestial item.

The far southeast corner of the Calm Lands has a Chocobo feather on the ground. Press X on this feather while riding a Chocobo to jump to a small platform that leads to Remiem Temple.

Calm Lands – Exit

When you’re ready to leave, head back to the Calm Lands and leave through the northeast corner. Save and heal at the save sphere before moving on. A boss battle is right up ahead.

Boss Battle: Defender X


HP AP Fire Thunder Water Ice
64000 (4060) 6660 (9900)

Defender X is a tough boss physically and defensively. Use magic attacks to deal the most damage. Auron’s Armor Break and Mental Break skills will also help with reducing his defenses. Yuna’s Protect spells will boost your team’s defenses, and her healing spells will keep your team in top shape.

Defeat Defender X to leave the Calm Lands. You can either go north to Mt. Gagazet or down the path beneath the second bridge to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.