Baaj Ruins


Submerged Ruins

This area is filled with water. Swim to the east (right) side to find a blue circle on a pillar. You won’t be able to read it at this time. Find Al Bhed Primers around Spira to decipher the language.

Walk a short distance to the north to find a Treasure Chest with 200 Gil inside.

Jump back in the water and swim to the west (left) side of the area. You’ll find a small blue sphere on the ground, but it won’t be of any use at this time. Walk a short distance to the south to find a Treasure Chest with 2 Potions inside.

Swim to the north to find another Save Sphere beyond the ruined gate. Save your game yet again if you want.

Head into the next area where there is a long bridge. Reach the intersection and take a left to a dead end. At the end of the path is a Treasure Chest with a Hi-Potion inside. Remember to always check dead ends for items!

Return to the intersection and continue north. The bridge will collapse beneath you after a few steps. Swim around the water until a battle begins. Defeat two Sahagin to bring out a much tougher enemy.


Boss Battle: Geosagaeno


HP AP Fire Thunder Water Ice
? 0

Geosagaeno is a very strong boss, but since it’s the beginning of the game and you’re alone, you can’t really use any strategies. Simply attack when you can and restore your HP with a potion when necessary. After three turns, a short scene will play out.

Ruins – Corridor

After the battle, you will find yourself inside some ruins. Ascend the stairs into the main room. On the south side of the map is another save sphere. You don’t have to save if you don’t want to, but it’s best to interact with the sphere to restore your HP.

To the northeast is a hidden Treasure Chest. It’s located to the right of a stone door. Inside is an X-Potion.

Head through the doorway to the north to reach a staircase. Before going up the stairs, walk downward to find a hidden Treasure Chest containing an Ether.

Ascend the stairs until you see an “examine” option. Examine the flowers on the wall to obtain the Withered Bouquet key item.

Go through the door up ahead to reach a balcony. At the end of the path is a Treasure Chest with a Hi-Potion inside.

Walk back down to the main room and go through the door to the south. This door is next to the save sphere. Examine the broken desk inside the room to obtain the Flint key item.

Return to the main room and interact with the campfire in the middle of the floor. Another scene will play out, and a battle will start shortly after.

Boss Battle: Klikk


HP AP Fire Thunder Water Ice
1500 (400) 5 (7)

There’s not much you can do against Klikk. Attack and heal if necessary. After five turns, a new character will come in and help. You can use her Special skill to steal and use grenades in battle.


Defeat Klikk to earn 2 Ability Spheres. A short scene will play out. At the end, you’ll arrive on an Al Bhed Ship.