Fandu Luxe Dual Plated Replica Review

The absolute best Big Gold replica for the price, Fandu does it again with the immaculate Fandu Luxe. See the holy grail in high quality here.

The Big Gold World Heavyweight Championship is a non-licensed wrestling belt design that has been around for nearly three decades. The Chinese company Fandu previously manufactured a 3D etched and textured Big Gold for $300-$400. In recent years, the company released an updated version of the Big Gold that was more accurate to the design of the original Crumrine Big Gold, first introduced in 1986 by Ric Flair.

Fandu Luxe Replica Specifications:

  • Thickness: 6MM
  • Weight: 8.7 Pounds
  • Main Plate: 13.5″ x 12″
  • Side Plate: 5″ x 4″
  • Strap Length: 54″

The metal plates on the Luxe are only available in all gold for $749 or dual plated gold and silver for $799. Of course, there is no real gold or silver used in the metal. There is a slight curve to the main plate, but the side plates look completely flat. The background is textured, and the leafed etching is almost split in two like real leaves. This reflects the light magnificently, but also makes it hard to take great pictures. The etching wraps around the edges of the main plate and the side plates, but stops before reaching the back.

The words WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPION are bold with a dotted diamond texturing, same as the words used on the nameplates.

Both the crown and globe on the middle of the main plate are far more recessed than most replicas. They both appear to be etched instead of relief pieces affixed to the plate. The crown has extra etched detail around its edges, and the jewels have a sparkle in the sun. The globe has textured continents, and the latitude lines alter between raised or recessed etching.

The wrestlers on the main plate and side plates appear to be etched instead of relief pieces, as well. While there is some detail in these etchings, it could be improved to match the detail of the Figures Toy Company WCW Big Gold, especially for the price.

The strap for the Luxe is only available in leather and will always cover the screws in the back of the belt; though the screws for the nameplate will be exposed, allowing owners to switch nameplates easily. The Luxe will come with a blank nameplate or an etched nameplate with up to 10 letters for an addition $20. More nameplates can be purchased from the Fandu Shop for $89.

Even though these Fandu Luxe replicas will cost you around $800, they are still the absolute best Big Gold replicas for the price. The detail of the etching is highly detailed, the size and weight is fantastic, and everything about it would make any wrestling fan want to add it to their collection. You can buy the Luxe from the Fandu Shop here.