Fandu Big Gold vs Luxe

See the Fandu Big Gold side by side with the Fandu Luxe. Both are the dual plated gold and silver versions of the replica with a Ric Flair nameplate on a brown strap.

Fandu has been manufacturing replicas of the Big Gold World Heavyweight Championship over the past several years, given the fact that the design is not licensed. Starting with their original Big Gold replica, then later releasing an updated and higher priced Luxe edition, these have quickly become favorites of collectors around the world.

Big GoldLuxe
Plate OptionsAll Gold, Dual Plated, Silver, Antique, Copper, and GunmetalAll Gold, Dual Plated
Strap OptionsFaux Leather: Black, Brown, Red, White, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Black Tooled, Red with Black Backing, Black Tooled with Red Croc Backing.

Real Leather: Brown, Black, Black Tooled, Black Tooled with Red Croc Backing
Real Leather: Brown, Black, or Black with Red Croc Backing.
Gem OptionsRed + Clear on Crown, All Green, Green + Clear on Crown, All Purple, Purple + Clear on Crown, All Blue, Blue + Clear on Crown, or All Clear.Red + Clear on Crown, Blue + Clear on Crown, Green + Clear on Crown, Purple + Clear on Crown, or All Clear.
Weight7.25 lbs.8.7 lbs.
Main Plate11.6″ x 11.2″13.5″ x 12″
Side Plates5.5″ x 3.75″5″ x 4″
NameplateUp to 8 LettersUp to 10 Letters

The Big Gold has raised 3D etching throughout the plates with a glossy shine, and appears to be based off the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The Luxe edition has 2D etching throughout the plates with a split-leafed etching and glossy shine, and is based off the original crumrine NWA/WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

The main plate of the Big Gold replica is more of a domed shape while the main plate of the Luxe edition is curved; and the side plates on the Big Gold are slightly curved while the side plates on the Luxe edition are flat.

Both replicas have textured backgrounds. The Big Gold has tighter, dotted texturing that shines. The texturing on the Luxe edition is simpler, looks spackled, and is more of a matte coloring instead of shiny.

The crystals on the Big Gold replica have minimal sparkle with sunlight or LED light. The crystals on the Luxe edition sparkle and simply outshine the original.

Although both are great replicas by Fandu, the Luxe edition just blow the original Big Gold replica out of the water. Of course, the price will reflect the quality. Video review will be coming soon in 4K!