Failed Site Update

I tried updating my site, but it wasn’t a complete success.

I’ve been using this WordPress Theme for about two years now, I think. The author hasn’t made any updates in the past year, and the update the theme did get was very minimal. It looks pretty fancy, but it can’t do a lot of things many other themes can do. I bought and applied an entirely new theme last night by the same author of a great theme I’ve been working on at Pulp365. Unfortunately, I ran into a ton of problems that don’t have fixes I can make. I think I’ll try to get a refund if these problems persist.

I took this opportunity to fix up a few other things within the site. I tried a few plugins, fixed up the ads, took all my reviews and added them to the posts section (yes, this theme puts all the reviews in an entirely different pool of posts) and I’m currently working on optimizing my site for search engines. I really hope I can get a much more functional theme in the near future. >:{

One other thing, I bought the domain and made it redirect here to It makes it easier to tell people to go to, and that’s also the professional gamer  name I’ve been using for nearly a decade.