Eren Jaeger Cosplay

My third Cosplay for SacAnime will be Eren Jaeger (Eren Yeager) from Attack on Titan. This Attack on Titan Cosplay is pretty tough! (Updated December 2015)

After my Persona 3 Cosplay fell to pieces, I decided to pick up a third Cosplay for the Anime convention coming up on September 3rd. Since it’s so close to the convention date, I figured I’d pick some pieces here and there from Amazon and get them shipped using Prime’s two day shipping. I went to local stores to look for pants, boots, and a shirt similar to Eren’s, but I could only find a shirt. I bought a coat, cape, key, boots, belts, apron, and pants using Amazon. These are what the items look like:

And if you want to buy them yourself, these are the Amazon listings:

They key looked pretty good, but after taking a closer look at the anime, I noticed the key I bought has a second circle on the top. I cut it off using some heavy duty clippers, then I used some shoe laces to create a necklace similar to the anime. As for the shirt, I cut off the buttons and created three holes where they used to be. I then used the second shoe lace to create a tie similar to Eren’s.

The belts didn’t come with any instructions what so ever, so I had to look online for video tutorials. They were tough to get on, and they kept slipping off my legs. Once everything was on right, I was starting to sweat. I doubt I’ll use the green cape at the convention unless I stay inside and they’re blasting the air conditioner. I may not do the full belt set up at the convention because they’re so hard to get on and off, and I may need to use the bathroom quickly! Ha ha.

I costested Eren’s hairstyle, but it looked pretty bad. The live action Eren didn’t even have the same hair, so I may not use that split down the middle hair style. We’ll see! I tried using my sister’s green contact lenses as well, but they didn’t seem to fit well.

attack-on-titan-eren-hair-costest live-action-attack-on-titan-eren

All in all, I think the costume came together pretty well given the short notice and piece by piece sales. Again, I didn’t have the belts on perfectly, so they don’t look that great in the pictures. As for the coat, it was both too big and too small. It was pretty small around the shoulders and chest, but big around the waist and a little long around the arms. I ordered a large because some said they were a bit too small.

The convention will have an Attack on Titan group during one of the days, so I’ll trade some information with them. I hope everything goes well!


Quick update! I made a few changes to my cosplay. I purchased a new set of boots that look identical to the ones from the anime (the link above has been replaced), I bought some cheap green contacts, I got a smaller jacket, and I fixed up my hair and makeup to look more like the anime version.