Dragon Age Inquisition Voice Over Sweepstakes

Did you guys enter the Dragon Age Inquisition Sweepstakes? Here’s my scene.

For those that don’t know, Dragon Age held a contest / sweepstakes for people who want to be in their upcoming game. They had two scripts to choose from, each with their own character and scene. They wanted people to use their regular voices when performing these scenes, nothing special. I thought I’d give it a try just for fun. I barely uploaded my video today, which is like three days past the deadline. I just felt like my voice wouldn’t fit a Dragon Age game. On top of that, I have zero acting or voice over training. I’ve always wanted to take drama classes, but I never got around to it. Voice acting has sort of been a dream job of mine behind my current job. I’d like to do voice overs in anime and video games. Anyways, the video below is me reading from the script. There’s no video of me reading the lines, only audio, but there is an intro with video. You can see the script AT THIS LINK.