Changes We Need in Pokemon Sun and Moon

A lot has changed in Pokemon over the years, but more needs to happen in the future. Here are a few changes we need in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

A short time ago, two editors at IGN created an article called 7 changes we want in Pokemon Sun and Moon. There were some pretty decent points, but a few that I didn’t agree with all that much. I won’t post all the changes like some freeboosting websites out there. Instead, I want to talk about the changes I agreed with and include my own personal thoughts on why they’re great ideas. Additionally, I’ll add a few more points that they didn’t mention. If you want to see my thoughts on all seven of their changes, check the video below.

Save Files

This is one of the points from IGN that I agree with. I think save files are great for a few reasons. Sometimes multiple people in the same family want to play Pokemon, but don’t have the money to buy multiple cartridges. Some may also like multiple save files for a single game in case they did something wrong and saved their game.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon company has said it’s hard to do multiple save files while connecting to the Pokemon Global Link.

The PC System

This is another point from IGN. We should be able to access the Pokemon Storage system / PC from anywhere in the game instead of going to a Pokemon Center. I think this would be really helpful, but some might say that would make the game too easy. Although, Pokemon has been getting easier over the years.

Hidden Machines

I’m a little mixed on this point from IGN. We have all said we don’t want HMs stuck on our Pokemon in order to get through the game. Although in fifth and sixth gen, most HMs, which the exception of Surf, seemed to be completely optional to get some side items or what not.

There’s a part of me that says removing all HMs and replacing them with Key Items would be great. Like the googles in Hoenn to get through the sandstorm, or the silph scope in Kanto to get through the Pokemon Tower. At the same time, the game is centered around Pokemon. The developers want you to use your Pokemon to get through everything. So my alternate solution would be to have HMs that would NOT act as attacks in battle, and wouldn’t take up one of the four attack slots. I know some people love Surf, but they could always replace that with something else or switch it to a TM.


This is one of my own. Everyone knows that the Fairy-type was added in the sixth generation; however, there doesn’t appear to be a Fairy-type Hidden Power attack. Remember, Hidden Power can be one of any type depending on the Individual Values of the Pokemon. Unfortunately, they never added an Individual Value combo for the new Fairy-type. Doing so would change the Hidden Power type of a Pokemon you may have in your game.

HP Natures

This is another one of my own that everyone should agree with. There are various natures in Pokemon that boosts one stat while reducing another. It works for all stats (Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed) except for HP! Many competitive battlers out there will probably agree if they have some Pokemon that specialize in HP, such as Chansey.

But that’s all that has come to my head. You can leave a comment below if you have anymore ideas for changes we need in Pokemon Sun and Moon. I’d be happy to hear them out and have a conversation!