Call of Duty Zombies Storyline

A Call of Duty Zombies storyline? That’s right! Want to know the story that spans ten different maps? I break it all down for you.

Zombies (Originally Nazi Zombies) on Call of Duty may have started out as another Zombie Horde Mode, but there were small things here and there such as writings on the walls or notes left behind that got the entire community thinking. As time went on more of the story revealed itself little by little via small Easter Eggs. You can view all Easter Eggs and audio messages at my Official Youtube Channel.

What’s an Easter Egg you ask? Easter Eggs are small hidden additions to media like movies or video games which you have to find – hence the name “Easter Eggs.” They could be something cool like a developer’s name, a secret video, or a hidden game mode.

For those of you who don’t know, the Call of Duty franchise has two main developers: Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Infinity Ward is known for creating the Call of Duty Franchise and taking it to the Modern era. Treyarch is known for bringing Zombies to the Franchise in Call of Duty: World at War and again in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Many of the things in the Zombie maps started off as part of the eerie environment, but as time went on the story began to build. A huge fan base started following Zombies as much as World at War’s Multiplayer. They decided to take it a bit further and add characters and a story. When Treyarch’s next Call of Duty game came out (Black Ops), they decided to take the Easter Eggs to a whole new level. The Easter Eggs were no longer little scraps of information, but they were complex steps which lead to a great amount of information and dialogue. I hope I can tell the story correctly and in chronological order. Some of the information and dates have been mixed up by Treyarch. All quotes were taken from parts of Easter Egg recordings in the maps.

Back in the 1930s, and possibly earlier, a few meteors crashed down to Earth and one to the moon. The meteors on Earth crashed down to Japan, Germany, Russia, the United States, and some unknown Jungle. The meteor contained a completely new element know to Earth and Man. The element was named “115.” Element 115 was a powerful substance which re-animated dead cells. This is what caused the dead to come back as Zombies.

On December 4, 1939, a multi-national research organization in Germany was working on a Matter Transferring prototype, later called the “MDT.” The group was known as “Group 935.” Group 935 was composed of Dr. Groph, Dr. Schuster, Dr. Edward Richtofen, and the head of the group Dr. Ludvig Maxis. Their motto was to “Improve the human condition.” At that time, Group 935 was a small low funded group, but the heads had a plan for better funding.

Dr. Maxis: “Fine, Doctor Richtofen, I will let you in on a little administrative secret: we are finalizing a deal with the Nazi party. We need funding, we need equipment, they need new weapons. Chances are this war will end soon with a treaty or two and we will be in a much better position to help the world.”
Dr. Richtofen: “Are you certain this won’t cause massive defections? We have scientists from all over the world working with us.”
Dr. Maxis: “That is why it is with the utmost confidence that I share this with you. No one will know of this. This is simply the breaking of an egg to make an omelet.”
Dr. Richtofen: “Think of the tactical advantage we will have…”
Dr. Maxis: “Think of the cost, think of the time! We can provide the Nazis tactical expertise in various areas without putting all our eggs in your walnut basket. Good day, Edward, and get back to your real work.”
Dr. Schuster: “Bloody jerk…”
Dr. Richtofen: “I think Doctor Maxis has lost his perspective. No matter… we will do this on our own and publish the findings before he has a chance to…”
Dr. Schuster: “You’re not suggesting that Dr. Maxis would steal this technology and perfect it without us, are you?”
Dr. Richtofen: “I would by no means discourage that thought. Great scientists must stick together and achieve great science.”

On January 4, 1940, Dr. Richtofen and Dr. Shuster conducted the first human test with the MDT. The first human to use it was none other than Dr. Richtofen.

Dr. Richtofen: “Entry 42. Date: January 4th, 1940. Dr. Schuster and I, despite mounting pressure from Dr. Maxis, have continued working on the matter transference prototype. We have made great strides in the last thirty days and are ready for our first human subject. If our calculations are correct, we will send a test subject to the receptacle station sitting thirty yards away and behind a cinder-block wall.”
Dr. Schuster: “Are you certain you want to do this, Dr. Richtofen?”
Dr. Richtofen: “Nein, Dr. Schuster, this must be done. Quickly, put in your earplugs and power up the machine.”
Transport sound
“Is there a power outage? Why is it so dark? I feel almost… weightless. How very unexpected. Dr. Schuster? Hello?”
Flashlight sound
“Ah, I can see now. Oh my god. I am standing in a circular cave, surrounded by some kind of machine like, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It looks almost alien in nature. There’s a pyramid structure at the center of the room. I’m going to try and carefully touch it. Ahhh. Static electricity. It’s sharp to the touch. Very cold. Not a speck of dust. Hmm, might be hollow. The chamber’s quite large. I see what looks like capacitors at the ceiling of the chamber. There are no obvious connections to anything electrical. What is this place? Dr. Schuster, is that you? Dr. Schuster! Look at this. It appears to be covered in some kind of hieroglyphic language. I’ve not seen anything like it before. Why are you whispering to me? There’s no need for that. Was ist los? Do you hear that? It sounds like…”
Transport sound
“My god, what happened? I seem to be in some kind of jungle. I can’t be certain of where I am.”

January 23, 1940, Dr. Schuster hasn’t seen Dr. Richtofen since January 4. The last he saw of Dr. Richtofen was when they first activated the Transporter device. Dr. Schuster thought of scrapping the whole project, but just then, Dr. Richtofen returned inside the device. He came back with major plans in mind, possibly placed in his mind. You see, Dr. Richtofen kept hearing voices in his head after transporting to the Cave and Jungle.

Dr. Richtofen decided to use the Transporter device to send some scientists from Group 935 to the cave and jungle he was taken to. A base known as “Griffin Station” was created around the cave and black pyramid, and a small lab was created in the jungle. It took two years, but they built up their laboratories in secret from Dr. Maxis and the rest of Group 935.

Dr. Richtofen: “Gentlemen, for two long years we have toiled here and at Eagle’s Nest to build up fortifications. For two long years we have taken equipment to build up our labs. For two long years we have worked under Group 935, believing that Dr. Maxis truly wants to help the world. For two long years we’ve led a double life. Today, that all ends. I bring to you what this project is all about. What I have worked to keep from my enemy.”
Dr. Groph: “What is it Dr. Richtofen? It looks alien.”
Dr. Richtofen: “It is an ancient Vril machine. And you, Dr. Groph, are now the lead scientist here at Griffin Station. Applause
”You will be the one to discover how it works.”
Dr. Groph: “We first must discover what it does.”
Dr. Richtofen: “Nein, Dr. Groph, I know what it does. It is a direct connection to another dimension.
Dr. Groph: “Preposterous!”
Dr. Richtofen: “No more preposterous than teleporting all of you to the moon and building Griffin Station is it?”
Dr. Groph: “I suppose not, how do you know what it does?”
Dr. Richtofen: “I found many interesting vril artifacts here. I have decoded some of their language, all signs point to this device being a stable gateway to the Aether”
Dr. Schuster: “Dr. Richtofen, I am aware of a project being run by Dr. Maxis at Der Riese concerning vril.”
Dr. Richtofen: “As am I. I am going back to my port at Group 935 to continue the charade. I will be finding out just how much information Dr. Maxis has on vril. Once the machine is operational, I will enact my plan and return. Gentlemen, let the games begin.”
“Shhhh, the voices are so loud!”

January 20, 1942, Group 935 was starting up under the Nazi
party. Evidence was held in the Data Servant:

*I am ludvig maxis
*today is 20 January 1942
*my daughter has a dog
*it’s name is fluffy
*this is File 1
*for storage in the data
*I trust in it’s success


Group 935 was working in a secret laboratory code named “Der Riese” after their project’s name, which means “The Giant.” The laboratory was located near Breslau, Germany. Their goal was to harness the power of Element 115 and create special Wonder Weapons for the Nazis. Dr. Maxis kept both his daughter (Samantha) and his dog (Fluffy) at the factory. All group members had to live in total secrecy.

Dr. Maxis: “Gentlemen, allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you group nine three five. This is a prestigious moment in the history of our race. You represent the future of technological advancement. You are the pioneers of human discovery. In your hands lies the destiny of mankind. In our hands is a great power and with that power comes a price. You have volunteered to be part of this great experiment and with that decision comes the responsibility of absolute secrecy. No one is to know what you do, where you work, what our research has discovered, or what our purpose will be. You will have no further contact with your governments or with your families. Your decision to fully dedicate your lives to Group 935 is absolute. In your lockers you will find your field ops manual which will direct you should our manifest get compromised. We cannot afford to let this power fall into the wrong hands and therefore the field ops manual should be considered your bible. Make your preparations now. A new dawn is beginning for mankind.”

Various experiments were made at Der Riese. Dr. Maxis was the head scientist and Dr. Richtofen was his assistant. Group 935 started working with Element 115, which crashed near Der Riese at an unspecified time. While experimenting with Element 115 they discovered it would re-animate dead cells, causing the dead to come back to life. Their new goal was to train these Zombies into an undead army for Germany.

Along with the undead army, Group 935 continued working on the MDT. The MDT was a different type compared to the prototype Dr. Richtofen was originally working on. The MDT was meant to take German soldiers, or their undead army, to France and England, but they weren’t fully operational for some time. Several tests were made by Dr. Maxis and Dr. Richtofen. Subjects would explode or disappear all together.

*Ludwig Maxis
*Personal file.
*The experiments continue
*And the Reichstag call it
*A success
*But these creatures
*Cannot be controlled.
*Their minds are lost
*They are automatons.
*This is what the Reichstag
*Between the teleporters
*And our Undead army
*They believe the world
*Will be theirs.
*But the Undead cannot
*Be contained.
*It spreads far worse than
*Ever imagined.
*It will be the death
*Of us all.
***END FILE***

As you can guess, Group 935 was never able to control the Zombies, but Group 935 wasn’t a total failure. Group 935 created a special machine which upgraded normal weapons to Element 115 powered Wonder Weapons. This machine was known as the “Pack-A-Punch” machine. Chemically engineered beverages, now known as “Perk-A-Colas,” were also created by Group 935, but it was never specified if they were created in Der Riese or in Verruck. Verruckt was another secret lab Group 935 operated out of. It was similar to Der Riese, but took place in a former Insane Asylum in Berlin, Germany.

As World War II escalated, Japan tried to create their own Special Wonder Weapons. The Japanese designed a special pistol that would use microwave technology to discharge plasma energy. German spies stole the designs and used it themselves, based on this file:

*Ray Gun summary:
*Prototype developed by
*Doctor Ludvig Maxis,
*origin Der Riese facility
*Based on designs seized from
*Rising Sun facility at SNN.
*Powered by Element 115
*Ray Gun works on microwave technology
*And discharges a burst of green
*Plasma energy between 220 and 230V.
*Second generation currently under
*Development by H. Porter
*To reduce excessive peripheral
***END FILE***

While in Japan, they gained intel about another meteor containing Element 115 crashing into a swamp. Group 935 set up another base at the swamp near the meteor to work with even more Element 115. Dr. Richtofen invented a new weapon using the Element 115 from the swamp meteor that chained electrical energy. The weapon was known as the Wunderwaffe DG-2.

Information was found in another file:

*Wunderwaffe DG-2 Summary:
*Prototype developed by
*Doctor Edward Richtofen, Origin Der Riese Facility
*Powered by Element 115
*The DG-2 carries 200k amperes
*Of chained electrical energy.
*Effects consist of:
*Electrical current output
*That creates a chain reaction
*From initial target up to
*10 subsequent targets within a
*5 yard radius.
*Minimal loss of power with use.
*8 second reload time.
*Next generation DG-3 JI
*Currently under development.
***END FILE***

Testing of the Wunderwaffe DG-2 was being held at the Swamp. Dr. Maxis decided to put the Wunderwaffe into mass production for the German Army. Unfortunately, the war was coming to an end around this time. Group 935 began losing funding from the Nazi Party, as shown in this recording:

Dr. Maxis: “Sophia, this letter is to go to the Reichstag High Command immediately. Gentlemen, it is with the utmost urgency that I draw your attention to the lack of funding being injected into The Giant project. While I believe we are close to realizing the ultimate plan, we still have several years of development before it is ready. It would be folly to cut our expenditure so early in our development. As you know, early tests on the DG-2 have easily outperformed expectations and we fully anticipate mass producing the Wunderwaffe within the next few years. Work on the matter transference has however come to a standstill. We simply do not have enough Element 115 to continue the experiments. The test subjects have survived teleportation but are currently unresponsive to commands and cannot be controlled. If we are to overcome this obstacle we need to increase the frequency and size of the experiment. To this end, I suggest we find not only a regular supply of 115, but that we also find a larger conduit to channel the energy. Our operatives in America have informed us that the US have a large supply of the element at the Nevada base, so time is of the essence if we are to stay ahead of them. This cannot be done if you cut the budget, nor can it be done if you insist on pressuring us into action before we are ready. I am of course available for discussion of the matter but in the meantime, I will continue with the work here and try to win this damned war. Signed etc. etc. Doctor Maxis.”

While Group 935 was working on Der Riese in secret, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) found out about all their experiments. They sent an inside man to report back to the OSS known only by the name “Peter.” Peter was successfully inserted into Der Riese, but was later transferred to Verruckt. Peter was able to tell the US about Germany’s experiments with Element 115.

The US believed Peter’s identity may have been compromised, so they took action. The US sent a squad of Marines to extract Peter from Verruckt. The team was lead by a man named “Tank Dempsey” on September 10, 1945. By the time they arrived at Verruckt, it was too late. The facility was overrun by Zombies. Information is sketchy, but I believe all the Marines, except Tank, were killed by Zombies. Tank was then taken by Group 935 and held captive at Der Riese. There he was tortured and experimented on by Dr. Richtofen. Tank wasn’t alone, he was with a Russian man named “Nikolai Belinski” and a Japanese man named “Takeo Masaki.” They all became test subjects around mid September, 1945 at Der Riese.

Files explain a bit more:

*Experiments ongoing.
*Observed a new effect
*As a result of experiments.
*Dr. Edward Richtofen as witness
*Outlines as follows:
*Tank Dempsey
*Nikolai Belinski
*Takeo Masaki
*Subjects display unique
*Side effects
*Compared to previous
*Baseline psyche remains
*But all specific memories
*Have been lost.
*Dr. Richtofen will continue
***END FILE***

These men are the four characters that you play as in most of the Zombie maps. However, those three men weren’t the only ones Dr. Richtofen experimented on. Richtofen created several recordings explaining his plans and feelings:

Dr. Richtofen:
“Log 1474.
Date: September 20, 1945.
It would seem that the OSS realized that we have captured one of their spies. They tried to send a rescue team to Verrückt that was aw [static]. The first batch of test subjects. I suspect that there are others more in the Organization. Dr. Harvey Yena and Dr. Peter McCain to be precise. Dr Ma (static) doesn’t want any Americans in Group 935, no matter how much genius they have. Stupid Americans with their apple pies and baseball and children, but I digress. (static) The new American test subject is interesting and muscly. His intellect seems low, but his will is strong. Like the others, he doesn’t seem to know who he is anymore. Unlike the others he keeps breaking the restraints and yelling at me. (static) Test subject N3WB is still staring at the floor, muttering what sounds like some kind of proverb over and over again. I think his mind may have been destroyed by the process. Oh well. The Russian subject has recently begun responding to stimuli, but only after injecting him with a new serum made primarily from vodka. Perhaps this is a breakthrough in the-[static].”

Dr. Richtofen:
“Log entry 1475
Date: October 1st, 1945
Deeeeeaar diary,
As for the control group tests. they have been put on hold. Recently I discovered that Doc [static] has not been mass producing the DG-2 as he swore he would. If he won’t move those plans forward, then I won’t continue following his dream of an undead army! He doesn’t deserve his perch of? power! He doesn’t know what to do with it, but I know just what to do with him… and I’ll take care of that little brat when I get the chance too…”

Time was growing short for Edward Richtofen. He needed to get things done quickly. He urged Dr. Maxis to accelerate all the projects, even thought they had a limited supply of Element 115. Dr. Maxis began to distrust Dr. Richtofen more and more. He would catch Richtofen looking at Samantha and his other assistant Sophia from time to time.

Around that time, Dr. Richtofen created a new explosive weapon out of a toy monkey. It would play a song and crash two small cymbals together before exploding. When set on fire, it would scream. Dr. Maxis thought it may have been the 115 playing a trick on his mind.

After three years, Dr. Groph and Dr. Schuster slowly discovered how to activate the Vril Machine at Griffin Station. They contacted Dr. Richtofen at Der Riese and told them it was ready. The conversation was recorded:

Dr. Groph: “Eagle’s Nest. This is Griffin Station. We have an update. Over.”
Dr. Richtofen: “Dr Groph, have you made any progress?”
Dr. Groph: “Yes Doctor. The machine is ready and awaiting the conduit”
Dr. Richtofen: “Laughing Very good, I will proceed with Operation Shield and join you shortly”
Dr. Groph: “Security Protocol 935″
Dr. Richtofen: “Yes, I will dispose of Dr. Maxis and that little brat personally. Do not. Touch. Anyth-”

The sixth test of the transporter was performed on Dr. Maxis’ dog, Fluffy. The experiment was put on record:

Dr. Maxis: “Initiating test number six. Subject is within test chamber. Activate power.”
Dr. Maxis: “Damn it, Edward! Did you set up the device correctly?!!”
Dr. Richtofen: “Yes Doctor. As per your specifications.”
Dr. Maxis: “If you had done it to my specifications then it would have worked, wouldn’t it? As usual your incompetence has… What?”
Dr. Richtofen: “Do you hear that, Doctor?”
Dr. Maxis: “Quiet, you fool! Test number six is a failure, but the experiment has caused some kind of electrical force to energize within the chamber. Well, open the door.”
Dr. Richtofen: “Doctor, I don’t think…”
Dr. Maxis: “Open the door NOW!”
Samantha Maxis: “Daddy, what are you doing with Fluffy?”
Dr. Maxis: “Damn it, Samantha. I told you never to come in here. Edward, get her out of here.”
Dr. Richtofen: “Yes Doctor.”
Samantha Maxis: ” Scream What’s wrong with her? Daddy, what did you do? Fluffy!”
Dr. Maxis: “Come back here! Samantha. Stop her! Easy. Come here Samantha. Good girl. Gently Samantha. That’s not Fluffy anymore. We must get out of here.”
Door closes.
Dr. Maxis: “What? Edward what are you doing? Open the door. Edward. Open this door now!!”
Samantha Maxis: “Dad. I’m scared.”
Dr. Maxis: “Damn you… Stay by me, Samantha.”
Dr. Richtofen: “Goodbye, Doctor Maxis. laughter

Meanwhile, at Griffin Station, an alarm sounded. The events were recorded:

Dr. Groph: Doctor Schuster, Report.”
Dr. Schuster: “The tanks are full and the shields are down. The machine is humming nicely.”
Dr. Groph: “Good, but what of the shipment?”
Dr. Schuster: “Most are buried outside of the base, the live ones we’ve sent back to Kustover Posten”
Dr. Groph: “Excellent, then there is nothing left but to wait for Dr. Richtofen’s return”
Dr. Schuster: “Perhaps this is a good time to work on my low gravity putting in the bio-dome”
Dr. Groph: “Yes, I did believe that time-”
Alarm sounds “Intruder Detected – Receiving Bay”
Dr. Groph: “Security, Report”
Dr. Groph: “Can you repeat?”
Dr. Schuster: “She’s coming right towards the-”
Samantha Maxis: scream
Dr. Groph: “Get her!”
Dr. Schuster: “Get back here!”
Dr. Groph: “Nein! Do not let her-”
various noises
Dr. Groph: “Dammit, Dr Schuster, find a way to get her out of the pyramid, I will contact Edward, let him know there’s been an incident”

Dr. Richtofen made his way from Der Riese to Griffin Station. He was briefed on the situation by Dr. Groph and Dr. Schuster. The following was a recording from their conversation:

Dr. Richtofen: “How did she end up there? No matter, I know what must be done, in the meantime see if you can find Dr. Maxis, perhaps he can talk some sense into her.”
Dr. Groph: “Did you not deal with him already?”
Dr. Richtofen: “Yes, but if the child ended up here, then Maxis must be somewhere too. Find him.”
Dr. Groph: “How do you propose-”
Dr. Richtofen: “Dr Groph I cannot do everything for you. I leave this in your capable hands. There is much to be done.”
Dr. Groph: “Yes Doctor”
Dr. Richtofen: “Oh and Groph?”
Dr. Groph: “Yes?”
Dr. Richtofen: “I’d keep an eye out for an evil looking dog while you’re at it”

Dr. Groph and Dr. Schuster find Dr. Maxis using the MPD. Again, the conversation was recorded:

Dr. Groph: Hope this works. Schuster, power it up”
Computer: “Systems Nominal. Accessing Vril Device. Interface via M.P.D. active. Accessing M.P.D.. M.P.D. integrity check nominal. Awaiting input.”
Dr. Groph: “Excellent, bring the sample”
Computer: “Analyzing M.P.D. Creating profile. Profile Created.”
Dr. Groph: “Excellent. Now, scan for target.”
Dr. Schuster: “Yes Doctor.”
Computer: “Target located.”
Dr. Groph: “Bring him here, immediately.”
Dr. Schuster: “Greetings, Dr. Maxis.”
Ludwig Maxis: “Schuster! I should’ve known. Where is that rat Edward? Where are we? And how did you get me out of that wretched tunnel”
Dr. Groph: “None of that is important right now. Allow me to fill you in”

After a briefing, Dr. Groph and Dr. Schuster take Dr. Maxis to Samantha.

Ludwig Maxis: “Samantha. Honey? Daddy is here. Come dear, please. Open the machine. Daddy will not let them hurt you anymore. Honey? Daddy knows he’s made some mistakes, I am truly sorry that you were put through so much. When your mother died I could not bear the thought of losing you too, that’s why I kept you so close. I did not mean to neglect you, I just wanted to know you were safe from harm-”
Samantha Maxis: “Daddy!”
Ludwig Maxis: “I love you, Samantha.”
Samantha Maxis: “I love you too Daddy.”
Ludwig Maxis: “Can you do something for me? Something very important.”
Samantha Maxis: “Yes.”
Ludwig Maxis: “Kill them… all.”
Ludwig Maxis: “NO!”
Dr. Groph: “We are doomed.”

At that time, Zombies overtook all the Group 935 facilities. The Swamp (AKA Shi No Numa) and Der Riese were overrun by Zombies. It seems the device that held Samantha gave her supernatural powers. Samantha is known to control the Mystery Box and Power-Ups on each Zombie Map. The Teddy Bear you see and the voices you hear is all Samantha.

Summary:The following is a transcript of a recording that originated from the Group 935 outpost dubbed “The Swamp.” The voice heard in this recording belongs to the handler of the operative “CWZGUTCT” (DECODE: PETER) who went missing at an unknown time prior to the sending of this message. The operative is presumed dead and the location of Shi No Numa has yet to be resolved.



AUTOMATED: R-409n 37 14 06 115 48 40

HANDLER: I hope that you are receiving this transmission [REDACTED], if you are not, then all is already lost. You must know by now that we failed to contain the asylum, that we had to move the experiment here. Location. The numbers will guide you. The giant must remain… [STATIC] … at all costs. Repeat Der Riese must be contained at all costs. The DG-2 experiments continue. May be our only advantage now. Find Doctor… [STATIC.] and Doctor Maxis. They may know what’s going on. The use of Element 115 is dangerous at best. I’m not sure if we can continue here. We’ve lost most of our best… [STATIC.] …team. I hope you get this. I hope it hasn’t happened there too. But I’m almost all out of hope.

AUTOMATED: 60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94

It would seem this was the time Dr. Edward Richtofen took his test subjects Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, and Nikola Belinski to Shi No Numa and Der Riese. All the test subject’s prior memories were gone. Perhaps he was looking for his lost Vril Technology, or maybe he was trying to erase all information about him from the Group 935 records.

After Shi No Numa and Der Riese were taken care of, the 4 men – Dempsey, Masaki, Belinski, and Richtofen – used the transporters from Der Riese. Apparently the teleporters were capable of time travel.

Dempsey: “Eh..where are we?”
Nikolai: “A better question is…”
Richtofen: “When are we?”
Nikolai: “NO! Where the hell is my Vodka?!”
Richtofen: “Yes of course, the DG-2 must have overloaded the teleporter ripping space-time, backing us across to the future! How wonderful!”

It sent all four men into the future about ten to twenty years. They wound up in a former Nazi Germany theater, which had various devices from Der Riese. Dr. Richtofen said this was another facility in which Group 935 operated from. He also says “the little girl” (Samantha) could be found here. Apparently Group 935 was still experimenting with Element 115. A test subject was being experimented on, but he broke loose and injured a scientist. The subject had to be killed, but the scientist may have become a zombie, which caused another outbreak.

The pentagon incident doesn’t seem to tie into the Zombie Storyline. There doesn’t seem to be any real Easter Eggs or hidden files pertaining to that particular map. The only thing that would be noteworthy is the secret underground facility that had various experiments and a Wonder Weapon (Winter’s Howl) that could only be found on the Zombie maps “Five” and “Verruckt.”

After searching through the former Group 935 theater, the new group headed over to a Russian Spaceport. Inside they find more zombies and a voice asking them for help. The voice belongs to a scientist known only by his last name, “Gersch.”

Gersch: “Please help me, she’s coming. The Mechanism must be repaired,”

Before the group arrived, the scientists at the spaceport had been testing Element 115. A few group meetings were recorded:

Gersch: “…down to business, I am pleased to report all projects are running smoothly again after these here personal changes. As I had previously mentioned. Yuri Zivoyski is a brilliant scientist, but it he has been so far incapable of handling “Project Mercury” – or as you call it, “the Gersch Device”. (a slight chuckle), and so due to numerous delays and setbacks I have sadly been forced to transfer Yuri to AK64-A experiments. I have decided that your nephew should take his place. I look forward to working with him directly. The recent incident with the Kassimir Mechanism leaves no doubt in my mind, that this is the right decision. The explosion caused the Mechanism significant damage – it will take time to re-manufacture all of the parts – unless some of them can be salvaged.”

The Gersch device created miniature black holes. Along with the Gersch Device, another weapon was created, now known as the “Thundergun.”

Once Yuri was transferred, his new job involved sending monkeys into the atmosphere in rockets:

Yuri: “Rockets! He transfers me to work on rockets! These experiments require no finesse, no imagination! My intellect is ill served blasting a bunch of monkeys into the atmosphere! Sigh But I can’t fight Gersch on this. I was able to hold onto my keys, [STATIC] as well as my research. No one else really understands what “Project Mercury” is capable of. Until then, this lab will have to do – wait, is that a matryoshka doll? Did someone let a child in-?”

He believed to be the only one that knew the potential of Project Mercury and Element 115. As days went by, Yuri encountered a few strange incidents throughout the facility. Many child-like toys would be found around the spaceport, but no child was ever found. One day Yuri found a box with an old stuffed Teddy Bear inside. Gersch had seen Yuri many times since the transfer and believed Yuri was slowly going insane.

One day Gersch found Yuri back in the labs working on the Gersch Device. The conversation was caught on tape:

Gersch: This had better be good Yuri: the fact that you’re in this lab again is reason enough to have you permanently removed! If you’ve done anything to ruin it- [STATIC]”
Yuri: “Do not worry, you will not be disappointed chuckle. In fact, I’m sure you won’t forget it! …But I can’t take all the credit. If you will do me the honors.”
Samantha Maxis: “Having Fun?!”
Gersch: “What the-?! No! No! Yuri, you-! Ahhhh!”
Yuri: “Evil Laugh You fat pig! Enjoy your bed! Heheheh, heh… Oh no. No! Nononono! Nonononono! What have I done?! What have I do-?!”

It would seem Samantha got inside Yuri’s head. She told him to trap Gersch in the Kassimir Merchanism. He was sucked into the black hole created by the Gersch Device and stuck in the Kassimir Mechanism. This is where the Zombie killing group came in.

Gersch gave the group instructions over the spaceport intercom on how to repair the Kassimir Mechanism. The group repaired it, causing a white orb to float into the sky and a blood curdling scream to be heard. Not much is known on what that meant.

After the Russian Spaceport, the group of Zombie slayers used the Kassimir Device to go to their next location. Richtofen set the device to take them to another former Group 935 station set somewhere in Siberia. The device sent them even further in time, around 2011. Unfortunately, they were stuck in a room while at the station, but they weren’t alone.

The famous movie director George A. Romero chose that location for his next Zombie movie. He chose it because he came across some old Nazi research which contained notes on the Zombies and Element 115. While in the area, the zombies came for George Romero and his cast: Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, and Michael Rooker. George was taken by a zombie and transformed into some sort of monster.

The cast ran around the area trying to survive and came across the locked room with the old group inside. The group – mainly Richtofen – told the cast to help them repair the transporter and find a golden handle-looking device known as the “Vril Device.” Through a few steps, the cast repairs the transporter and gives the device to the group.

The group then teleports to a new area: a zombie infested shrine in the middle of a thick jungle. It seems this was the jungle the Richtofen was teleported to long ago. A lab was set up in the caves under the jungle. Along with the Group 935 devices, the current group finds ancient stones plates around the temple that sends them back in time.

When the players travel back in time, they see the area as it was during a solar eclipse, when a meteor crashed into the top of the temple. The meteor is another chunk of Element 115, which brings the dead back to life.

The group uses time travel to help out two explorers (Brock and Gary) from the past that were looking for a legendary city known as “Agartha.” The group helps the explorers survive and shrink the massive meteor with a new Wonder Weapon: the 31-79 JGb215. The shrunken meteor – known as the “Focusing Stone” – levitates above the pedestal at the temple’s antechamber. Brock and Gary note that Richtofen’s name is inscribed on the pedestal. Every time the explorers from the past try to grab the Focusing Stone, they are sent back in time to when they first arrived at the temple. Richtofen takes the Focusing stone for himself and attaches it to the Vril Device.

At last, the group heads to their final location: Area 51. They break into the secret base in Groom Lake and use a transporter to arrive at the old moon secret base known as “Griffin Station.” This is the station that was built around the Black Pyramid found in a cave on the Moon years earlier.

Dr. Richtofen places an ancient Moon artifact and the Focusing Stone/Vril Device combo on the front of the Black Pyramid to open it up. Inside is Samantha Maxis. Richtofen somehow takes the soul of Samantha Maxis and places it inside his own body. Apparently, he’s been planning the whole thing from the start to control the zombies and rule the world.

A recording of Dr. Maxis plays over the Moon Base intercom:

Dr. Maxis: “Greetings, if you are receiving this message, it means that Richtofen has entered the device. If you free me, I will help you minimize the damage that he will inevitably cause.”

The group decides to work against Richtofen – including Samantha inside Richtofen’s body – to “minimize the damage.” They activate the plans that Dr. Maxis put into effect. Three rockets launch from the Griffin Station to Earth, destroying half of it.

The End