Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare features a variety of Killstreaks to give players an extra edge for playing well in Multiplayer. As the name implies, players must earn a set amount of kills within one life to activate a Killstreak.

Three Killstreaks can be chosen to complete a loadout. Unlike the rest of the loadout and Field Upgrades, Killstreaks can only be changed at the main Multiplayer menu under the Weapons tab. Killstreaks that require the same score to activate cannot be selected together; for example: UAV and Counter UAV cannot be selected together since they both require four kills or 500 score to activate.

Use the Pointman Perk to earn Killstreaks through score instead of kills. This is more useful for earning Killstreaks in objective game modes. Activating the Specialist Mode in a loadout will disable Killstreaks.

The table below lists all Killstreaks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the amount of kills needed to activate the Killstreak, or the required score needed to earn the Killstreak with the Pointman Perk.

Killstreak Unlocked Kills Score Description
Personal Radar Lv 1 3 Kills 375 Score Escort drone that reveals nearby enemies on the minimap and audibly pings them in the world. The Personal Radar lasts approximately 45 seconds.
Shield Turret Lv 1 3 Kills 375 Score A manual shielded turret that can be deployed on most surfaces. Holds 200 rounds and comes equipped with a red dot sight.
Counter UAV Lv 36 4 Kills 500 score A drone that scrambles all enemy minimaps for 45 seconds, regardless of distance, and incrementally disrupts their HUD the closer they get to the targeted area.
UAV Lv 9 4 Kills 500 Score Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that reveals enemy locations on the minimap for 25 seconds.
Care Package Lv 28 4 Kills 500 Score Call in a random Care Package by throwing a smoke grenade. The package will show up on all minimaps, and will contain one random Killstreak that can be captured by you, your teammates, or the enemy. Enemy capture takes much longer than friendly capture, and owner capture is the quickest.
Cluster Strike Lv 1 5 Kills 625 Score Use a laser pointer to call for six mortars to hit a designated location.
Cruise Missile Lv 45 5 Kills 625 Score Control a long range cruise missile with boost capabilities. Enemy combatants will be highlighted with red boxes unless they are using the Cold Blooded Perk.
Precision Air Strike Lv 15 5 Kills 625 Score Use binoculars to mark a location for a precision airstrike. Twin jets will come in for three precision strikes along the best available path.
Infantry Assault Vehicle Lv 44 7 Kills 875 Score A manned light infantry vehicle with a .50 cal machine gun on top. This Killstreak can only be used on a limited selection of maps, otherwise it will be replaced by the Wheelsons Killstreak. Available Maps for IAV: Aniyah Palace, Arklov Peak, Grazna Raid, Karst River Quarry, Tavorsk District, Krovnik Farmland, and Port of Verdansk.
Sentry Gun Lv 13 7 Kills 875 Score Automated turret that scans for nearby enemies in a 180 degree radius. The Sentry Gun will last up to 75 seconds if not destroyed by the enemy.
Wheelson Lv 23 7 Kills 875 Score Remote controlled UGV with a powerful airburst turret. This vehicle has a set amount of fuel and health indicated by two white bars in the lower-left corner of the screen. The fuel of the Wheelson will last up to 60 seconds.
Emergency Airdrop Lv 41 8 Kills 1000 Score Call in three random kill streak care packages to your location using a smoke grenade. The three care packages will show up on all minimaps.
VTOL Jet Lv 20 8 Kills 1000 Score Select a location using a tablet to release a missile barrage followed by an AI controlled VTOL Jet. The Jet will guard the selected location with its minigun for up to 70 seconds until destroyed. The guard location can be changed to your position by holding the button that appears on screen. The vehicle has one flare to protect it from rockets.
White Phosphorus Lv 51 10 Kills 1250 Score Select a location using a tablet to cover the battlefield with white smoke incendiary canisters. These canisters will weaken the enemy and burn any that wander too close for 45 seconds.
Chopper Gunner Lv 1 10 Kills 1250 Score Control an assault chopper armed with a turret and air to land missiles. The turret has infinite ammo, but there are only eight Hydra rockets. The helicopter will stay for up to 50 seconds or until destroyed. The vehicle has one flare to protect it from rockets.
Support Helo Lv5 11 Kills 1375 Score Call in an AI controlled heavy assault helo with twin turrets to patrol the map. The helicopter will stay for up to 60 seconds or until destroyed. The vehicle has one flare to protect it from rockets.
Gunship Lv 31 12 Kills 1500 Score Control a heavy assault gunship with three types of armaments and optional thermal vision. The 105mm cannon has one shot before reloading, the 40mm cannon has five shots before reloading, and the 25mm cannon has 30 shots before reloading. The Gunship will stay for up to 50 seconds or until destroyed. The vehicle has two flares to protect it from rockets.
Advanced UAV Lv 48 12 Kills 1500 Score An untargetable orbital UAV that reveals the enemies direction on the minimap in real time. The arrow will shake when the player is firing their weapon. The Advanced UAV will scan for 35 seconds.
Juggernaut Lv 55 15 Kills 1875 Score Use a smoke grenade to call in a care package that contains the Juggernaut assault gear. This provides heavy armor and a minigun. The heavy armor appears to regenerate. The minigun has infinite ammo, and will drop when the juggernaut dies. When using the Juggernaut killstreak, players cannot use any other weapons or equipment other than the mini gun.
Tactical Nuke Lv 1 30 Kills Earn 30 kills in one life using only your loadout weapons to earn the Tactical Nuke (killstreak kills do not count). This will kill all players, end the game, and cause the team that launched the Nuke to win the game regardless of the score.