Gameplay Basics

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare features an updated gameplay engine with realistic cinematic graphics. Most of the gameplay mechanics are the same, but there have been a few minor changes in performance.

Players have the ability to run, jump, climb, crouch, go prone, and even slide into cover. To slide, sprint and then press the crouch button. Sliding is highly useful when avoiding gunfire. Slide from cover to cover, but make sure the cover is hard or thick enough because bullets have the ability to penetrate thin surfaces.

Weapons and equipment are split into several classes based on performance. Use the table below for quick rating / grades of each class; however, there may be some exceptions to the class. Choose a weapon for the best circumstance.

Class Damage Accuracy Range Fire Rate Penetration
Assault Rifles B B B B B
Submachine Guns C C C A C
Lightmachine Guns A C A B A
Shotguns A C D C C
Marksman Rifles B A A C A
Sniper Rifles A A A C A
Handguns B B C B C

Shooting from the hip is quick and useful when in close quarter situations, but aiming down the sights of the weapon improves accuracy when firing at targets from a distance. Crouching will improve accuracy, and laying prone will provide the best accuracy.

A new feature is the ability to mount weapons on surfaces. Look for white lines and the mount button to appear on screen to place the current weapon on a surface for improved accuracy. Click the aim button or start walking to instantly dismount the weapon.