Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades are special pieces of equipment that can be selected in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer menu, separate from create a class loadouts. These upgrades charge over time during a Multiplayer game. Score points or kills to charge the Field Upgrade faster than normal.

Field Upgrade Pro can be activated at the Field Upgrade menu. This allows players to select two Field Upgrades at the Multiplayer Menu. During a game, the Field Upgrades will charge, but only one can be selected before the Field Upgrade meter resets.

The Field Upgrades selection can be found under the Weapons tab in the main Multiplayer menu. Additionally, Field Upgrades can be changed in-game at the Pause menu.

Field Upgrade Unlocked Recharge Rate Description
Munitions Box Lv 1 Medium Deploy a box of ammo and equipment for you and your teammates. Interact to refill weapon ammo to the max even if the max ammo perk isn’t selected as a weapon attachment. Shoot the box to blow it up, killing any enemies nearby.
Recon Drone Lv 1 Slow Remote controlled drone that marks enemies from above by placing the reticle over an enemy. Enemy combatants with the Cold Blooded Perk cannot be highlighted.
Dead Silence Lv 10 Fast Temporarily makes your footsteps silent. Movement becomes slightly faster. Gun, melee, and throwing knife kills refresh duration.
Stopping Power Rounds Lv 19 Slow Reload your gun with stopping power rounds to deal extra damage. The weapon can be reloaded again without losing the remaining Stopping Power Rounds, but the entire mag will not be replaced with the upgraded rounds.
Trophy System Lv 27 Fast Throw out an autonomous defense system that destroys up to three nearby pieces of equipment and projectiles.
Deployable Cover Lv 30 Fast Set down a deployable ballistics cover that blocks all gunfire. The cover can be destroyed with explosives.
Tactical Insertion Lv 40 Fast Set down a flare that becomes your next spawn point. The flare will be green for friendly and red for enemy. The Tactical Insertion does not work in game modes where players have one life, such as Search and Destroy.
EMP Drone Lv 46 Medium Detonate an EMP payload at a targeted location using an remote controlled plane. All electronics in the area will be disabled for a short time.
Weapon Drop Lv 55 Medium Throw a smoke grenade to drop a box of high-powered weapons or attachments to your location for the team. Press the interact button to get a new attachment on a current weapon. Hold the interact button to get a new weapon.