Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Guide

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare guide is complete and periodically upgraded with DLC Zombie info.

I’m working with IGN on another Call of Duty Wiki Guide. The single player Campaign has already been completed by a man named Jon Ryan (last name unknown to me). It has all intel locations and everything!

My job is to cover the online Multiplayer. There’s already a ton of stuff up like weapon stats, scorestreak info, Perk info, and more. I’ve also added a ton of information on the co-op mode Exo Survival. There’s one round where you can even fight Zombies!

The guide is also being updated with Exo Zombies info each time a DLC pack is released.

If you’d like to buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you can grab one off of Amazon. Using the links below will help power my site, and it won’t cost you anything extra!