Blue Snowball Mic Review

Do you want to buy the blue snowball mic, but aren’t sure if the quality is great? Check it out here!

The Blue Snowball is a CD quality microphone for the average consumer. Simply plug it into your computer via USB, and it’s ready to go! If it still doesn’t work, you may have to set it as your default recording device in your sound settings.

The microphone itself is the large, circular object on the top of a small tripod. It’s made of a glossy plastic, and has a red light in the front that will remain on when plugged in. The mic can be unscrewed from the tripod and attached to something else if you wish. The tripod itself can extend a small amount, and the microphone can spin 360 degrees while attached.

The USB cable is a six foot standard USB (type A) to what seems like USB type B. Unfortunately, the type B side of the cable may disconnect from the microphone if you move it in the wrong directly. The entire cable won’t come out, but it will quickly disconnect from your computer and stop recording.

The sound quality is terrific if you remain close to the mic. However, you may need a pop filter if you plan on commentating that close. There are three settings that can be switched to at any time using the plastic switch on the back of the mic. The first setting is for voice commentary or podcasts, the second setting is for music, and the third setting is for conferences or interviews. You can hear all three settings in the video below.