Blog Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming up, so I decided to just jump into some blog spring cleaning.

Some of the long time viewers of this blog may immediately notice how it has been rearranged. I wanted to make the most out of the different categories. I had a few unused categories for awhile, so I decided to do some consolidation, add new sections, and change some other stuff up. What’s new or different?

  • The Work category has now been merged into the Life category. It’ll still be called the Life category, but it’ll have the blogs from the Work category within it. Those two go hand in hand anyways, right?
  • I kept the game reviews section for now, even though I haven’t written a review in about a year. Who knows, I may want to randomly write one, and maybe some people want to read my old ones.
  • I split up my guides into two new categories: My Guides and IGN Guides. This is for those who may want to see the full guides I have written instead of being redirected to a guide I was contracted to write for IGN. I’m hoping to bring in a wiki platform soon and convert all my older guides into wiki guides. The My Guides and IGN Guides section are now listed in alphabetical order, but the overall guides section is still listed in chronological order with the most recent guides on the first page.
  • I now have a Photography section under the Gaming area. I’ve been wanting to add this for a long time now, but never got around to it. Hopefully I’ll add more posts under it soon and fill it up with some awesome or beautiful image galleries.
  • The TV, Movies, and Books section is for posts relating to those three subjects. I don’t watch too much TV and Movies, nor do I read many Books. If I do, I hardly ever write stuff about them. But it’s better to have that larger section than to not know where to put certain posts.
  • The Series section has remained untouched for now.
  • I removed the story sections because I haven’t had much time to actually write short stories like I’ve been wanting to. Maybe in the future I’ll re-add it and post some great stories. My head is filled with them, and I have a few summaries in my documents. Some day!

That’s it for now. Tell me if you like or dislike some of the changes!