Big Gold World Heavyweight Championship Replica V2 – WWE Shop

An updated version of the Big Gold World Heavyweight Championship was created and released on the WWE Shop around October of 2023. However, the product page and belt bag have no mention of a “V2” or any updates.

This new version is much shinier than the original, which had a matte finish. Although there is now a glossy finish, it does not have a mirror-like reflection similar to all the other replicas. The metal mostly looks matte, but has a gloss coat that picks up black accents. The globe and crown relief pieces on the main plate still look bright and more matte like the original version, and they stick out like a big, red nose when looking at the updated replica from the side.

One of the biggest corrections was the lettering at the top of the main plate. Previously, the words “WRESTLING” and “CHAMPION” were shorter than “WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT.” Additionally, the “-ION” at the end of “CHAMPION” was offset. Now all four words are the same font size, though they appear to all be shorter to fit properly in the silver-colored area.

Another small change was the belt strap. The coloring is a darker brown than the original Shoprine, and it has a plush-like quality when touching the inside of the strap. Unfortunately, the strap and belt bag have a terrible smell, like peroxide or black mold. It activates my allergies being near it, smells up the entire house, and will transfer to anything it touches. Everyone who came into the house could smell it as well, and there wasn’t anything I could do to make it go away.

All three plates have a slight curve to them, and a rope border that extends all the way around the sides of the plates. There is a small seam on the sides of the plates, but the quality is still above their competition.

The Big Gold World Heavyweight Championship from the WWE Shop, or Shoprine, is definitely one of the best replicas of the Crumrine Big Gold ever produced. I love how the updated version has a gloss finish and corrected the font, but I didn’t expect all of the words to come out shorter. Moreover, the largest misstep was the horrible smell of the belt strap that had many returning their replicas. The Shoprine is not currently available from the WWE Shop, so it is possible the manufacturers are fixing the replica for a version 3.