Bible Black: Takashiro Hiroko Figure Review

Going old school with a Takashiro Hiroko figure review from Bible Black. See how she stacks up with these images and video of the figure from every angle.

This figure is of Takashiro Hiroko – or Hiroko Takashiro if you want the family name to be first like in Japan. This character is from the anime and best selling eroge Bible Black. It is a 1/8th scale, pre-painted figure from the Miyabiya company.


For those who love to keep their figures in the box, you may want to know this box has one large window on the front, a large window on the top that continues from the front, and a small window in the back with the figure’s info.

bible_black_takashiro_hiroko2 bible_black_takashiro_hiroko3

This figure can be disassembled at the waist, and both her bra and skirt can be removed. In case you are wondering, the figure is anatomically correct up top.

bible_black_takashiro_hiroko4 bible_black_takashiro_hiroko5

The Takashiro figure is made out of PVC, and is solid on all parts except for her hair and removable clothes. Those parts are still pretty solid, but have a little give to them since they’re a lot thinner.

Personally I think the figure is sculpted and painted very well. It looks just like the anime and game! The figure rests on her back at about 7.5 cm from her back to the top of her head and about 12.5 cm from her head to her toes.

bible_black_takashiro_hiroko8 bible_black_takashiro_hiroko7

Unfortunately, these figures are getting harder and harder to come by. You may be able to find this one on eBay if you’re lucky.