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Yes, I’m constantly changing up my website with new features or sections. This one will be big.

Some of the frequent visitors to my site may have noticed a number of changes over the weeks. Let me explain all the important updates.

First, I’ve added an American section. I’m not dead set on the name just yet, but I know what I’ll be doing. While researching other cultures that I’m interested, I’ve come across people who want to know more about the USA. So, I’ve decided to make a section dedicated to all things America! My personal YouTube channel also has videos to accompany these articles. I plan to add many educational and cultural videos in the future.

Secondly, I’ve added a Japanese section called Otaku Club. The new YouTube channel and social networking sites are being worked on. If it really takes off, I may make an entirely separate website for that. The Otaku Club will give information on various sub-cultures in Japan, along with fun articles and galleries. I also plan to review every single anime I own. You can see my current anime collection in the image at the top of this post.

Lastly, I plan to change directions with my job. I will most likely be quitting IGN in the new year after four years of work. However, I still plan to write video game related stuff on this website. In fact, this will allow me to write full guides exclusively for this website. I also plan to write some video game reviews like I used to two years ago.

Those are the big changes to this website. I hope to see some new faces in the comments section. Don’t be afraid to speak up!