The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Walkthrough

Exploring Tips and Tricks

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild features a huge, open world to explore. Before doing so, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the exploration system to survive, and learn a few travel tips and tricks to thrive. Walking around is easy enough, but extreme activities like running, climbing, swimming, and gliding all take up Link’s stamina. A green wheel indicates how much stamina is left before Link stops his action.

It’s best to stop running just before the stamina wheel is completely emptied. Once the meter is dry, Link will stop doing any vigorous activity until the meter is entirely refilled; however, if you stop performing an action before the stamina runs out, the gauge will refill quickly. Additionally, if a stamina gauge is never fully emptied, actions can be done immediately before the stamina wheel is drained.

Different terrain will cause Link to struggle through his exploration. Find specialized armor or stick to the main roads to keep your speed up. Slowing down from a sprint to a exhausted walk isn’t too troublesome; however, if you’re climbing a mountain, Link will release his grip and drop straight down. He will try his best to reduce his speed by dragging his feet on the cliffside, but sometimes there is nothing to grab onto. Hopefully it’s not a far drop because more damage will be inflicted the further Link falls.

Climbing is made nearly impossible once a storm comes in. A wet surface is far too slippery to climb, but a quick jump might make it possible. Press the X Button while climbing to jump upwards or to the side. Jumping will reduce your stamina meter by about 1/3rd, but a quick leap is sometimes all that is needed.

After clearing the first set of main quests, you will obtain the Paraglider. Press X while in mid-air to glide instead of fall straight down. The paraglider is highly useful if you accidentally fall from a cliff, or if you wish to reach a place in the distance without trekking through the hills and forests. The stamina meter will slowly reduce while Link glides through the air. Look for hot air currents during tough battles to ascend into the sky while paragliding. Even if grass catches fire, it can cause an updraft, allowing Link to fly into the air.

Reach a deep body of water to switch from treading water to swimming. Emptying the stamina gauge while swimming will cause Link to drown and lose a heart before returning to the shore. If no hearts remain, you will receive the Game Over screen and be forced to reload a save file. Jumping from a high platform into the water will allow Link to dive. Press the X Button to dash forward into the water. Dashing will reduce the stamina meter by about 1/6th, but a quick burst of speed through the water can be helpful in certain situations. Dashing is required to fight against strong current in raging rivers.

After meeting with the Zora in the east, a special piece of armor will be given to Link that allows him to swim up waterfalls. Simply press the A button once you reach the base of a waterfall while swimming.

Finally, if you find yourself at the top of a mountain and wish to get to the bottom quickly, you can surf on the bottom of your shield! Simply equip a shield, jump into the air (X Button), and press A to jump on top of your shield. Be warned: shield surfing will cause the shield to deteriorate and eventually break.

Environmental Hazards

A number of environmental hazards might block your path as you explore the world. Thorny vines can be found growing around Hyrule, which will block your path and injure you the second you touch them. To get passed thorns, set them on fire with magical fire weapons or flaming arrows.

When metallic objects are located around the world, use your magnesis rune to move them to the places you need. Sometimes flat, metal surfaces can be used as bridges. Other times metal treasure chests can be pulled from beneath a river or pond.

If you encounter a wooden treasure chest, the magnesis rune will not affect them at all. Instead, use the crynosis rune to lift them out of the water and onto a pillar of ice.

Travel to the colder climates of Hyrule and you might find items, Korok Seeds, and even shrines frozen in large glaciers. Use fire–even a torch or campfire will work–near these blocks of ice to melt them away.

When a large object is blocking your path or is obviously hiding something, freeze it with stasis and attack it with a melee weapon to send it flying.