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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild treats masks very differently from the rest of their items. Unlike weapons and shields, masks do not deteriorate or ever break. Each masks has its own effect to protect Link from different situations. Swap these items to take on different challenges.

Masks can only be purchased from Kilton, the Monster Merchant over at Bone and Fang. The first time Link encounters Kilton will be at the left eye of skull lake in the Akkala region (northeast part of the map). After the first meeting, he will appear either at skull lake or at each village and town around Hyrule, but he will only show up at night. See Kilton’s own page for more info.

Mask Effect Price
Sheik's Mask - Amiibo
Bokoblin Mask Blend in with Bokoblins 99 Mon
Moblin Mask Blend in with Moblins 199 Mon
Lizalfos Mask Blend in with Lizalfos 299 Mon
Lynel Mask Blend in with Lynel 999 Mon