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Rainbow Six Siege Guide


Side Attacker
Role Breacher
CTU NightHaven
Release Year Four, Season Four
Armor Medium
Speed Medium

Operator Tips

Kali’s sniper rifle is an incredibly powerful weapon that can kills or down in a single shot. It also destroys barricades and penetrates soft walls with ease. Attached to the rifle is a variable zoom scope with 5x and 12x options. The scope must be used to really land shots. Even if you are standing directly in front of your opponent, firing from the hip doesn’t guarantee a direct shot with this rifle.

Although the weapon is powerful, it is far from discreet. All shots from the CSRX 300 will leave a smoke trail back to Kali, giving off her location in addition to the sound of the rifle.

A shot to the head with the CSRX 300 will instantly kill any Operator, and the rifle has enough penetrating power to kill up to five Operators with a single bullet.

A shot to the chest will put an Operator in a down but not out state. The downed Operator will instantly spin towards Kali’s location, providing intel for their team.

Unique Ability

Kali’s unique ability is an under-barrel launcher called the LV Explosive Lance. This gadget launches explosive rounds that burrow into a surface and explode a second after. The explosion will come out both sides of breakable and reinforced walls, destroying the following gadgets close enough to the explosion:

  • Nitro Cells
  • Bulletproof Cameras
  • Smoke’s gas bombs
  • Mute’s signal jammers
  • Kapkan’s entry denial devices
  • Jager’s active defense systems
  • Valkyrie’s cameras
  • Lesion’s GU mines
  • Ela’s concussion mines
  • Maestro’s evil eyes
  • Alibi’s prisms

The explosive rounds will create a small hole in breakable walls, but reinforced walls will remain intact. If shot at an unbreakable wall, the explosion will only come out the tail end. Luckily, the explosion doesn’t damage Operators.

The explosive Lance rounds can be destroyed before they explode if the tail end is shot. Three Lance explosive shots will be available each round.

Primary Weapons

CSRX 300
Damage 97 Class Marksman Rifle
Fire Rate - Fire Mode Bolt Action
Mobility 50 Sights -
Magazine 5+1 Grips -
MP Capacity 6/15 Barrel -
TH Capacity 6/35 Under Barrel -

Secondary Weapons

P226 MK 25
Damage 78 Class Handgun
Fire Rate - Fire Mode Semi Auto
Mobility 45 Sights -
Magazine 15+1 Grips -
MP Capacity 16/60 Barrel Suppressor
Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity 16/120 Under Barrel Laser
C75 Auto
Damage 35
(29 Suppressed)
Class Machine Pistol
Fire Rate 1000 RPM Fire Mode Full Auto
Semi Auto
Mobility 50 Sights -
Magazine 26+1 Grips -
MP Capacity 27/78 Barrel Suppressor
TH Capacity 27/130 Under Barrel -


Breach Charge 3 charges that are used to blow open breakable surfaces. Get the jump on enemies or create new lines of sight.
Claymore 1 motion-triggered explosive mine. Set it in door ways or protect objectives with these.