Rainbow Six Siege Guide


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CTU|Fuerzes Especiales
Release|Year Four, Season Three

Operator Tips

The Volcan Shield is an explosive device that can be difficult to use. After the latest update, the Volcan Shield will not harm the Hostage. If playing the hostage, set some Volcan Shields nearby that can be detonated to prevent any possible hostage rescue.

The shield can also be used to slow down or stop enemies coming from a specific direction. This will allow you to coral the enemy into a different path, possibly filled with traps or Operator coverage.

It’s also best not to stand near the Volcan Shield because a single explosion from a frag, Ash’s breach round, or Zofia’s impact grenades will cause the shield to instantly explode.

Unique Ability

Goyo’s unique ability is a specialized deployable shield called the Volcan Shield. It looks exactly like all other deployable shields from the front (redesigned in Y4S3), except it has an explosive pack on the back. If anyone shoots the incendiary core from the rear, the Volcan Shield will explode and set everything nearby on fire. The flames will cause 12 damage per tick to any Operator that comes into contact with them. After 10 seconds, the flames will subside.

Three Volcan Shields will be available per round. The incendiary core on the shield can be destroyed by gunfire, explosives, Sledge’s hammer, Ash’s breach round, Zofia’s breach round, and Maestro’s Evil Eye. Twitch’s Shock Drone will not affect it, and IQ’s electronics detector cannot detect it. Sledge’s hammer and all explosives can destroy the shield from the front, causing the incendiary core to burst into flames.

Primary Weapons

[table th=”0″ caption=”Vector .45 ACP” align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Damage|21~~(17 Suppressed)|Class|Submachine Gun
Fire Rate|1200 RPM|Fire Mode|Full Auto~~Semi Auto~~2 Round Burst
Mobility|50|Sights|Red Dot~~Holographic~~Reflex
Magazine|25+1|Grips|Vertical Grip
MP Capacity|26/150|Barrel|Suppressor~~Flash Hider~~Compensator~~Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity|26/225|Under Barrel|Laser

[table th=”0″ caption=”TCSG12″ align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Damage|84~~(71 Suppressed)|Class|Shotgun
Fire Rate|700 RPM|Fire Mode|Semi Auto
Mobility|50|Sights|Red Dot~~Holographic~~Reflex~~ACOG
Magazine|10+1|Grips|Vertical Grip~~Angled Grip
MP Capacity|11/50|Barrel|Suppressor
TH Capacity|11/70|Under Barrel|Laser

Secondary Weapons

[table th=”0″ caption=”P229″ align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Damage|51~~(43 Suppressed)|Class|Handgun
Fire Rate|-|Fire Mode|Semi Auto
MP Capacity|13/48|Barrel|Suppressor~~Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity|13/72|Under Barrel|Laser


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Impact Grenade|2 explosive Grenades that detonate on impact. Use them to blow open walls and create new lines of sight.
Nitro Cell|1 remote-detonated bomb. Can be disarmed by shooting or blowing it up.