Rainbow Six Siege Guide


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Release|Year Three, Season Three

Operator Tips

Clash is a completely defensive / support Operator. Use her to safely find enemy Operators near the Objective, then debilitate and injure them with the shield’s taser until a friendly Operator comes and helps. If they turn their back, you can quickly switch to your secondary weapon to eliminate them before they get away.

Unique Ability

Clash’s unique ability is also her primary weapon: the CCE Shield. This is a special, electrified shield that covers her entire body. Another unique feature of this shield is the fact that it’s almost entirely transparent, but it will still deflect all firearm and explosive damage from the front. Since it’s a full-body shield, Clash cannot crouch or go prone while it’s equipped. Once the shield is switched and the secondary weapon is equipped, the shield will shrink down and only cover a small portion of Clash’s back.

Use the electric taser to shock enemy Operators at range, reducing their speed and causing 5 damage per second. The taser can be used for a max of 5 seconds in succession before needing to be recharged. It will take an additional 5 seconds for the taser to recharge.

Primary Weapons

[table th=”0″ caption=”CCE Shield” align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Fire Rate|-|Fire Mode|-
MP Capacity|-|Barrel|-
TH Capacity|-|Under Barrel|-

Secondary Weapons

[table th=”0″ caption=”P-10C” align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Damage|40~~(34 Suppressed)|Class|Handgun
Fire Rate|-|Fire Mode|Semi Auto
MP Capacity|16/90|Barrel|Suppressor~~Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity|16/135|Under Barrel|Laser

[table th=”0″ caption=”SPSMG9″ align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Damage|30~~(25 Suppressed)|Class|Machine Pistol
Fire Rate|980 RPM|Fire Mode|2 Round Burst
Mobility|50|Sights|Red Dot (Integrated)
MP Capacity|21/100|Barrel|Suppressor~~Flash Hider
TH Capacity|26/140|Under Barrel|Laser


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Barbed Wire|2 bundles of barbed wire. Used to slow down enemies while attacking the base.
Impact Grenade|2 explosive Grenades that detonate on impact. Use them to blow open walls and create new lines of sight.