Rainbow Six Siege Guide


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Role|Hard Breacher
Release|Year One, Season Four

Operator Tips

Hibana is similar to a fast moving Thermite with less armor. Use her ability to blast through almost any type of surface, including reinforced walls, then speed inside with your assault rifle or shotgun. Of course, electrified surfaces and Mute’s signal jammer will stop Hibana’s charges. Team up with a Thatcher to disable enemy electronics.

Only half a doorway will be blown open with the X-KAIROS Launcher. Use this to peak inside, or set two shots next to each other to create a full door. A small opening can also be set on the floor so an Operator can crawl in.

Unique Ability

Hibana’s unique ability is the X-KAIROS Launcher. This is a specialized 40mm grenade launcher that fires remote-detonated explosive pellets. Press the fire weapon button to fire the launcher, and press the ability button to detonate the pellets. The explosive pellets can even breach reinforced surfaces.

The X-KAIROS can be fired three times per round. Each shot fires 6 pellets, making a total of 18 pellets available a round. One shot will create a hole, while two shots can create a full entryway. The pellets can be destroyed by enemy firearms and explosives before detonated.

Primary Weapons

[table th=”0″ caption=”TYPE-89″ align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Damage|40~~(34 Suppressed)|Class|Assault Rifle
Fire Rate|850 RPM|Fire Mode|Full Auto~~Semi Auto~~3 Round Burst
Mobility|50|Sights|Red Dot~~Holographic~~Reflex~~ACOG
Magazine|20+1|Grips|Vertical Grip~~Angled Grip
MP Capacity|21/160|Barrel|Suppressor~~Flash Hider~~Compensator~~Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity|21/160|Under Barrel|Laser

[table th=”0″ caption=”Supernova” align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Fire Rate|-|Fire Mode|Pump Action
Mobility|50|Sights|Red Dot~~Holographic~~Reflex
MP Capacity|7/36|Barrel|-
TH Capacity|7/49|Under Barrel|Laser

Secondary Weapons

[table th=”0″ caption=”P229″ align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Damage|51~~(43 Suppressed)|Class|Handgun
Fire Rate|-|Fire Mode|Semi Auto
MP Capacity|13/48|Barrel|Suppressor~~Muzzle Brake
TH Capacity|13/72|Under Barrel|Laser

[table th=”0″ caption=”Bearing 9″ align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Damage|33~~(28 Suppressed)|Class|Machine Pistol
Fire Rate|1100 RPM|Fire Mode|Full Auto~~Semi-Auto
Mobility|50|Sights|Red Dot~~Holographic~~Reflex
MP Capacity|26/75|Barrel|Suppressor~~Flash Hider~~Compensator
TH Capacity|26/125|Under Barrel|Laser


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Stun Grenade|3 grenades that detonate two seconds after being thrown. They impair the vision and hearing of all Operators near the explosion for several seconds. Use it to blind and deafen a room filled with enemies before clearing it out.
Breach Charge|3 charges that are used to blow open breakable surfaces. Get the jump on enemies or create new lines of sight.